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Lottery DV-2023: where to draw up documents for Ukrainians and Russians who won green cards

On May 7, the results of the DV-2023 green card lottery became known. How to check them and what to do next in case of winning or losing, read here. However, the winners from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus faced difficulties as the US embassies in these countries are not operating at full capacity (due to sanctions or hostilities) and do not issue immigrant visas. ForumDaily figured out what to do for these people and where to apply for a visa.

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The process of obtaining a green card if you win the visa lottery begins not with a visit to the embassy, ​​but online - the winner must fill out and submit the DS-260 form. Here here form to complete this questionnaire. BUT here - instructions for filling it out. Only after you receive an invitation to an interview in response to the form will you need to visit the consulate or embassy. But where should Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians go?.. The answer is below.

Where to contact Ukrainians who won DV-2021 and DV-2022

Consulate General in Frankfurt designated as the primary location for US immigrant visas for Ukrainian citizens, including visas for Diversity Visa (DV) lottery winners. Exceptions include IR-3 and 4 adoption visas, which will be processed by the US Embassy in Warsaw.

If you have not received a notice from the National Visa Center (NVC) scheduling an immigrant visa interview at the embassy in Kyiv, NVC will send you a notice scheduling an interview at the Consulate General in Frankfurt with the date, time and other requirements.

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If you need to be interviewed outside of Germany, please send a reassignment request to [email protected].

If you have already had an immigrant visa interview at the US Embassy in Kyiv, but your case requires administrative processing, you will need to submit a request for transfer of your case to the Consulate General in Frankfurt to complete the processing by contacting [email protected].

Alternatively, you can contact another embassy or consulate to request that your case be transferred there to complete processing.

If your immigration case was at the embassy in Kyiv and you have already received an appointment for an interview elsewhere, there is no need to proceed further. The embassy or consulate that scheduled your interview will initiate the transfer of your case from Kyiv and, if necessary, will contact you for further instructions.

What should the Russians do

US Embassy in Russia now only works for consular services for Americans. Consular services will not be provided to citizens of other countries: Russians have stopped issuing non-diplomatic visas. The only exception will be emergency cases. The embassy in Moscow will also no longer be doing regular notary services, issuing foreign birth documents, or renewing passports in the near future.

In this regard, the US Department of State has designated the US Embassy in Warsaw as the point of entry for immigrant visas for citizens and residents of Russia, including immigrant visas for DV lottery winners. Answers to frequently asked questions on obtaining a visa in Warsaw for residents of Russia can be found here.

If you are a DV candidate and have been scheduled to be processed at the US Embassy in Moscow, your case will automatically be forwarded to the US Embassy in Warsaw. You don't need to take any action unless you have a good reason for requesting a reschedule.

As such, NVC will send you an appointment notice for your visa interview at the US Embassy in Warsaw with the date, time, and other visa interview requirements.

It could happen that you received a notification about the interview not at the embassy in Warsaw, but at the US embassy in Moscow. In this case, you need to send a request to transfer your visa file to: [email protected]. Don't forget to include your name and case number in the subject line to speed up processing (example: SMIRNOVA, Maria, MOS0001234567).

Alternatively, applicants may contact the Immigrant Visa Section of another consulate or embassy to request that their immigrant visa files be sent there. A complete list of US embassies and consulates is available here.

If your case is with the National Visa Center and you have questions about your case or need assistance with processing, please contact NVC via the online request form - Ask NVC.

Procedure for Belarusians

Since February 28 2022 embassy The United States in Belarus has suspended work and the provision of consular services. Visa services are not provided in Minsk.

To obtain an immigration entry document, including green cards under the DV program, Belarusians need to contact the American Embassy in Warsaw.

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For further information, you can contact the Embassy in Warsaw by telephone: +48 22 625 1042 (from 14:00 to 16:00 Warsaw time); Email: [email protected]. Number +48 22 625 1401 - XNUMX-hour information automatic consular service.

You can also send an email to [email protected]. A response usually takes three business days.

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