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DV-2020 lottery: which countries have won the most green cards this year

The US State Department published in August Visa Bulletin 2019 official results of the Green Card Lottery for 2020 year.

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The Kentucky Consular Center has registered and notified the winners of the lottery, the number of which was approximately 83 884 people, now these people can apply for an immigrant visa.

The Green Card gives immigrants the legal right to live, work and study in the United States and, ultimately, become American citizens.

Green card lottery drawing is one of the easiest ways to legally move to the USA.

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Lottery program for drawing green cards in numbers

Each year, according to this program, 50 000 immigrant visas are awarded, they are distributed among 100 000 winners from all over the world (winners are chosen more than visas, because many of them after checking do not meet the requirements for obtaining a green card). Winners may eventually immigrate to the United States and receive a permit for permanent residence and permanent work in the country.

For the 2020 green card year, only 83 884 winners have been selected so far, in the fall of 2019, the US government is expected to select another 30 000-40 000 winners.

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Among the winners at the moment are 3 313 Ukrainians, 5 118 Russians, 1 512 Belarusians and 128 Israelis.

Most of the other post-Soviet countries won about 1 green cards each, among them: Armenia - 500, Georgia - 1, Kazakhstan - 422, Kyrgyzstan - 1, Moldova - 131, Tajikistan - 1 and Uzbekistan - 584 1.

At the moment, Russia is one of the leaders in the number of winners, second only to Egypt, whose citizens won the 5 568 green cards. The Democratic Republic of the Congo was also among the five leaders, its citizens won the 4 743 green cards, providing their country with 3 a place in the ranking. Iran was in the 4 place, its citizens won the 4 101 green cards. And Sudan closes the top five, where the win amounted to 3 691 green card.

In total, 2020 14 722 people took part in the lottery for drawing green cards for 798 year.


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