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Los Angeles Leads the Number of Homeless

On Thursday, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development released information that Los Angeles and its environs are leading in terms of the number of homeless people in the country. And almost all of them sleep on the street. Since 2013, the number of homeless in the city has grown by 55%, reports latimes.

Now the number of homeless people in Los Angeles is about 12,5 thousands. More than a third of all the country hobos live in California. Julian Castro, secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, blames rent growth and federal funding cuts for this situation: “The US is experiencing an affordable housing crisis and federal budget cuts. It slows down progress. ”

The city council acknowledged the problem and plans to expand its winter shelter program, as well as authorizing the possibility of people who live in their cars and vans, to sleep in church parking lots.

Previously, the "Forum" wrote about a mother of many children from Los Angeles, who earned more than half a million dollars in three years while on maternity leave. She sold other people's unnecessary items for interest.

In the U.S. housing rent Los Angeles homeless people apartment poor

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