They break limbs and ask to infect them with HIV: how Russians are trying to avoid mobilization

Russian citizens who have not fled abroad are coming up with new ways to avoid mobilization. Writes about it TSN.

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In particular, Russians break their limbs, record the process on video and post it on social networks so that others can see how it should be done.

On one of these recordings, an evader is placed on a stepped platform, and a comrade jumps on his foot from the steps. As a result, the leg is broken and mobilization is delayed. We can say that everything is according to plan.

On another video, the method is even more “sophisticated”. Friends break their friend's hands with a sledgehammer.

Well, the coolest way to avoid mobilization is to get AIDS. Russian HIV/AIDS centers began to receive calls about the possibility of contracting the disease.

Screenshot: Telegram/Lyubov Sobol

At the same time, the authorities of the Russian Federation do not sort out and call on everyone - cancer patients, those infected with HIV and other diseases with which a person is usually not subject to mobilization.

Screenshot: Telegram/Lyubov Sobol

Screenshot: Telegram/Lyubov Sobol

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