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Fever, vomiting, and fainting: COVID-19 vaccine tester talks about his health

A coronavirus vaccine test volunteer said he felt “sick like never before”, but said he was still “cautiously optimistic” about the potential of the drug, writes New York Post.

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29-year-old Ian Haydon described himself as one of four volunteers who showed poor reactions during trials of a drug from the manufacturer Moderna, which the company described as effective in terms of an immune response.

Seattle's communications manager said he developed chills a few hours after the second dose of the drug. Having received it, the man went home, where he went to bed. In the early morning he woke up with a fever of 103,2 degrees Fahrenheit (39,5 Celsius).

In addition to the heat, he felt nausea and muscle pain. His girlfriend called the round-the-clock hotline created by research leaders. She was advised to take Ian to the emergency department, where the couple went at 5 in the morning.

Haydon said he refused hospitalization. Instead, he returned home, taking an antipyretic. After several hours of sleep, his temperature was still high - 101,5 Fahrenheit (38,6 Celsius). At that time, he felt so bad that he vomited in the bathroom.

Returning to the bedroom, Ian fainted. Fortunately, his girlfriend was nearby, who did not let him hit his head on the floor.

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After calling the doctors again, he still decided to stay home and rest. As a result, the temperature that night fell to normal.

Initially, Haydon hid how bad he was, telling reporters only that he had "things go wrong within 24 hours."

He was wary of disclosing information about the terrible state he was in, because he was afraid to “provoke antivaxisers” (opponents of vaccination. - Ed.).

“I understand that by telling this story, I scare some people,” he explained. “I hope this does not fuel any general antagonism towards vaccines in general, or even to this vaccine.”

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Ian emphasized that he received the highest dose during the tests - 10 times stronger than others, but he was told that such a dose "will no longer be tested."

“There are no glitches here - this is the main reason we are conducting clinical trials,” he insisted on Twitter. “Even safe medicines cannot be taken in 10-fold doses.”

Ian also insisted that no matter how bad he was, his condition never became life-threatening.

“The tests were over, and I returned to preparing for the marathon,” Ian said, adding that even after the experience remains “cautiously optimistic” about the vaccine from the test.

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“Vaccines are the most important medicines we have. It's important to test them thoroughly - this is what happens here, ”wrote Haydon. “The fact that I went through fades compared with hospitalization due to COVID-19 or the loss of a loved one due to a pandemic.”

The study, conducted in conjunction with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, involved 45 patients aged 18 to 55 years. Initial results showed that the levels of antibodies created by the drug were equal to or higher than those found in patients who recovered from COVID-19.

Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel described the results as “nowhere better.”

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