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Livni, blizzard and ice: a new powerful storm will affect 200 million US residents

Most of California has already been covered with a new winter storm, and this is only the beginning: from the west the storm will move eastward, gaining powerful momentum, and 200 will fall upon millions of Americans with heavy rain and snowfall in just two days.

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After a short respite, it will rain again in Southern California - it will start to rain on Wednesday evening, and rain will come by night, which will last until Thursday. On Tuesday, in Los Angeles and Orange counties, the air temperature was up to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 Celsius), writes ABC7.

By night, the air temperature in the valleys and the Inner Empire will drop to 34 (1) degrees. Waves up to a meter tall are expected on the beaches. In the mountains - great weather for skiing with 5 (-15) degrees at night, but it will last only until Wednesday - at an altitude of more than 4000 feet (1200 meters) it will snow again. In desert areas it will be sunny and cool - up to 48 (9) degrees.

This February, the state of California has already suffered quite strongly - the National Weather Service reported that in January and February there was already record rainfall: 18 trillion gallons of water, which is equivalent to 27 to millions of Olympic pools, or 45% of the total Lake Tahoe The Week.

“If you weighed all the water, you would have 150 trillion pounds of water,” said KGO-TV meteorologist Mike Nikko. - This is a big weight.

According to Los Angeles Times, snow cover in the Sierra region is 141% of the average seasonal indicator - this is more than usually falls until April. This snow will provide farmers with water when it starts to melt. But, oddly enough, even such a volume of moisture was not enough to bring California out of drought. Much of Southern California is still considered abnormally dry, and in the far north and south of the state there are small areas where there is moderate or severe drought.

A powerful storm that began on Sunday in most parts of California will spread throughout the country in two to three days: more than 200 to millions of Americans are threatened by heavy snowfall, heavy rain, icy roads and power lines, writes USA Today.

This is about 60% of the country's population, notes AccuWeather.

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“A heavy storm will partially affect the states of 39, including all states east of the Mississippi River,” said meteorologist Faith Airts.

On Monday, the storm sent its rage on the southern Rocky Mountains: in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico a lot of snow fell.

On Tuesday, heavy snow and powerful winds will get to the central US, reports National Weather Service.

On Tuesday evening and during the environment, the threat of heavy snowfall, icing and road hazards spread to the Midwest, to the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic and to the northeast.

“In Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Duluth, there will be several inches of snow,” said AccuWeather meteorologist Tyler Royce.

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The Weather Channel warned that in areas around Washington, DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia, snow accumulation will begin, then it will be replaced by wet snow, freezing rain and the usual heavy rain. All this together can make the morning of Wednesday in these cities dangerous for residents.

Ice rains and ice will be especially dangerous in the mountains of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina, reports - possible falling of trees and scattered power outages. Somewhat less ice will be in the Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania areas.

In the south, on Tuesday and Wednesday, several rounds of heavy rainfall, floods and thunderstorms are expected. Rain can flood parts of northern Mississippi, northern Alabama and Tennessee, where flood warnings and warnings have already been published.

In Florida, early summer will continue in February - the temperature will rise to 80-x degrees Fahrenheit (almost 27 Celsius). On Monday, several cities in Florida set record highs - for example, in Vero Beach the temperature reached 89 (32) degrees. It is expected that the unusual warmth will remain in the sunny state for most of the week.

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