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New Yorkers are warned about floods: how to protect themselves

The authorities in New York issued an emergency warning about the flooding and gave visitors and residents safety tips during the rains and subsequent possible flooding.

The Department of Emergency Situations of New York published the recommendations of 20 on April after the National Weather Service issued an emergency flood warning, operating from 2: 00 to 14: 00 of the same day, writes ABC7NY.

It is expected that from late Friday evening until the second half of 20 April it will rain heavily in the region. The most difficult period is projected to be from midnight to noon. The rain should stop in the afternoon, but may be delayed, say weather forecasters.

The forecast, in total, promises about an inch (2,5 cm) of precipitation, but locally it is possible and more. Gusty winds are also expected at speeds from 20 to 25 miles per hour (32-40 km / h) and gusts to 35 miles per hour (56 km / h).

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New Yorkers should be prepared for deteriorating road conditions and possible slick roads. It's a good idea to exercise caution when driving, walking or cycling - and use public transport instead of private transport whenever possible.

The city authorities reminded property owners, contractors and operators of construction cranes of the need to take precautions and secure construction sites, buildings and equipment during high winds on specified days and hours.

The New York City Department of Buildings will conduct random inspections of construction sites throughout the city. If these locations are not secured, the department will take immediate enforcement action by issuing fines and, if necessary, prohibiting work orders.

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Security Tips:

  • if you live in a flood prone area, stock up sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber to protect your home;
  • prepare an “emergency suitcase” - a bag with a set of things that you will need if you have to leave the house urgently; calculate the supply for all family members, including pets;
  • Avoid driving, walking or cycling through flooded areas (as little as six inches - 15-20 cm - of moving water will reach the bottom of most cars, causing loss of control of the vehicle; one or two feet - 30-60 cm of water can be carried away automobile);
  • stay away from any building if it is surrounded by flood waters;
  • if you see knocked down electrical wires, do not approach them; never try to move or touch them with any objects; Keep in mind that tree branches, leaves, or water may hide damaged wires; always stay away from downed power lines, they may be energized;
  • report broken wires immediately; if the power line has dropped or caught your vehicle while you are in it, stay inside, call 911 immediately and wait for help;
  • To prepare for possible power outages, recharge cell phone batteries, collect consumables, and install cooler mode in the refrigerator and freezer; if you are left without light, foods that need cooling will thus keep the cold longer;
  • if the power is turned off, disconnect or turn off the devices that would turn on automatically when power is restored; if several appliances are started at the same time, the power supply may overload
  • make sure your flashlights, radios, or battery-powered TVs are working; prepare additional batteries;
  • if you are left without power, you have a disability, functionality or other health problems are limited, or you are using life support systems and you need immediate help, dial 911;
  • Do not use generators indoors.

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