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'Eliminate the leaders': a retired FSB officer spoke out about the poisoning of Navalny

Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny in a coma, he is in a hospital in Omsk, doctors talk about his consistently serious condition. AFP reports that a medical plane from Germany will be sent for Navalny at night, but it is not yet known whether Russian doctors will approve of his transportation (they previously said that it was impossible), writes "Present Tense".

Photo: video frame YouTube / All Golovin

The journalists talked with ex-FSB officer and opposition politician Gennady Gudkov about why Navalny's comrades-in-arms and other politicians call the version of the secret services' involvement a priority, as well as how and with what the oppositionist could have been poisoned.

“No one would dare to do anything with Navalny without the Kremlin’s sanction”

- What do you think, the authorities or the special services can be involved in what happened to Alexei Navalny?

- In a country that is ruled manually with a rigid hierarchy, only they can be involved. Just imagine what someone would have made of offended officials, suppose as revenge on Alexei Navalny. The Kremlin would have dug out the best detectives right now, they would have punished by the first number of all those who dared to do something with the leader of the Russian opposition without sanctions. Absolutely obvious.

- And why? Can't it just be someone arbitrarily doing something to get a new star?

- No. But if this someone wants to commit political suicide, or even not so much, yes, we can assume that someone decided to commit suicide, with their position, with their career, and so on. Because imagine that suspicion clearly falls on the Kremlin. Definitely falls on the actions of the special services, which are sanctioned by the political leadership of the country. What should Putin do under these conditions? What should his environment do under these conditions? They must declare that “guys, we don’t like Navalny, but we will not allow ourselves to fight our political opponents with such criminal methods, we are civilized people. We have now given the command, Bastrykin is digging the ground. He will definitely find all those scoundrels who dared to encroach on the life of a politician, a political leader. We will definitely punish everyone. We have now sent there the best criminologists, the best toxicologists, the best resuscitators. We will do everything so that Alexei Navalny, no matter how negative he may seem to us, continues to live and work, because we live in a free democratic country in which the Constitution is the main law. And we will definitely punish all those responsible, all those involved in this crime.” And I assure you, they would have done it right. No one would dare to do anything with Navalny without the Kremlin’s sanctions, without the consent of the country’s leadership. So who could do this?

As you know, Alexey Navalny is, if I’m not mistaken, under a written undertaking not to leave the place. Any of his trips, especially such as to Siberia, to the cities, is accompanied by a statement addressed to the investigator indicating a detailed schedule, time: where, when, with whom he will be, what transport he will use, when he will return, etc., etc. Well, it’s not difficult to assume that if a provocation was being prepared against him, a crime, that this schedule ended up in the hands of the special services, who realized that “yes, it’s a good moment, a great moment to implement our plans.”

- And they followed him, what do you think?

- Navalny is constantly monitored, and many times I had to identify outdoor surveillance for him, even had to feed the surveillance officers who stood there for hours, waiting for him. I asked my staff to share sandwiches and coffee. But this is not the point, not outdoor advertising does it. Outside fixes external factors; it no longer sees what people see from some distance. And if his friends, comrades, associates, who were within a meter of him, did not notice anything, it means that this is a crime that was being prepared by the operational staff through agents, through their own persons, through administrative and other possibilities.

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Tea, food, touch, handshake - how the poison could enter the body

- Well, how could this happen? If we admit the version that his closest associates say that he was poisoned when he drank this tea? How could this technically happen?

- Having an unlimited resource, you can do whatever you want. Have you seen the real magicians? They are doing tricks 30 centimeters from your eyes, and you cannot see what they are doing with objects. Throwing it into tea, or throwing it on food on an airplane, or throwing something else for people hired by the special services does not pose any problem at all. Pull something out of your pockets and put it in these pockets. And not the fact that it was in the tea. Why do you think it's in the tea? This is one of the versions.

- His press secretary suggested it.

- Well, the press secretary suggested. And it could have been yesterday, it could have been a touch. There are some poisons that, for example, can be introduced into the body through a handshake. Nobody really knows now. I have my own version. We just discussed it with my colleague. In my opinion, an experiment is underway: the opposition is working on the action of poisons, maybe not completely lethal, but which can lead to a person's disability, to serious health problems, the termination of his legal capacity, and so on. Look, Verzilov survived, Kara-Murza (twice persecuted) - survived, Sasha Solovyov was persecuted - survived, right? This suggests that this is quite possible, the poison is not lethal. That is, it can lead to death, or it may not.

- And what is the purpose?

- Disable a person, turn him into a disabled person. To turn him, sorry, into a vegetable (ugly and uncivilized word). After all, Navalny is a charismatic, handsome and young man, a guy with an excellent speech, good looks, blue eyes, and so on. It attracts people with its energy, its potential. And now turn him into some wretched shaking person who is not able to connect two words.

I do not exclude that there is an experiment of new poisons, new compounds that do not kill a person, but simply lead to serious lesions of his central nervous system: a person may lose the ability to speak and so on. Do you remember that doctors prophesied to Peter Verzilov that he would not recover and would no longer be able to function? So why not. This version is also quite real.

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"Eliminate the leaders." Motives and future consequence

- And what is the motive?

- Motive? The country, sorry for the expression, is going to hell. Soon political protest will merge with social one. [Belarus] shows that all dictators after 20 years get bored to such an extent that already the overwhelming majority of the population is sick of them. All of this is ahead of our country.

Navalny is one of the leaders of the protest movement, of course, perhaps even the brightest. And why not disable him in such a way as to eliminate the leaders? Like, say, in Belarus: “We didn’t create a scandal, we lacked a leader. There are few truly violent ones, so there are no leaders.” As a matter of fact, why not eliminate the leaders in Russia in such a criminal, absolutely vile, dishonest and criminal manner? There are just a lot of motives for the authorities, the FSB, and the special services. Why fight Navalny if you can simply make him disabled? Well, just imagine. I say this cynically. I hope everything will be fine and he will recover. I wish him health, I wish strength and courage to his wife. I still hope that he will be sent abroad for treatment, and these issues will be resolved there.

- The last question for you as a specialist.

- I am not an expert in poisoning, I tell you right away, and I have never been.

- After the change of power, will society be able to find out the whole truth? If it really was a special operation, will the archives be preserved?

- The archives will definitely be preserved if they are not specifically destroyed. And most importantly, people will remain. Of course, they can also be removed, but I think they will still survive, survive and tell us. In my opinion, they will tell about such secrets, from which the country will shudder. I'm just convinced of this. We learn things that will make even seasoned people shudder.

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