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Personal experience: how I earn 15 for years on the Internet, sitting at home

Agnes Teacher, the founder of "Money moms", told the publication Rusbase about five professions that anyone who, for whatever reason, has to work from home, can take up.

Photo: Facebook / Agnessa Pavlovna Teacher

Own business in a foreign country

My name is Agnes Teacher - I got the name on the passport, but, as it turned out, by calling. I have been living in the USA since 18 years. I had to emigrate because of life need: one and even without a language. This was my second emigration. The first is to Thailand. But it turned out that this is not mine.

I had to jerk for american dream. After several years of working for my uncle in slave conditions for visitors, of becoming and finding myself, I decided to open my business in a foreign country with a foreign mentality.

It turned out, but ate a lot of nerves, health, money and time. I don’t go to work for the last 15 years, I don’t have an employment record book - a favorite Russian entertainment - I earn exclusively at my computer, without leaving home.

One of the advantages of this type of activity is that there is no need to obtain a work permit for those who are in the virtual world - it is not needed.

Why and who needs work on the Internet:

  • everyone who is forced to stay at home, but wants to monetize it somehow.
  • everyone who is sufficiently provided, but not self-realized.
  • everyone who is looking for a free life. Independence, freedom and exit from the office system.
  • to everyone who does not sit still, travels, knows the world and would like to earn everything from it.

I'll tell you about 5 ways to make money on the Internet - these are professions that are in demand now more than ever. I will make a reservation, I went through them all, so I know that it works and gives income. By the way, an important addition.

No need to know the language of the country - if you are in exile, you can even without English. How? We must work for the Russian-speaking community. You can sit in Australia and make a page in Facebook for a cafe in Russia.

Photo: Facebook / Agnessa Pavlovna Teacher

1. Partner Program Member

Create a page, post, sell - labor costs are minimal, time - an hour, a half a day. But I prefer another option, which I myself tried out. Take a business that has no affiliate programs yet and propose, as well as develop a strategy for such this or this platform.

How and how much can you earn? 5% -20% from personal products, up to 70% on virtual goods - courses, trainings, and so on, 20-30% at events. You can use accounts in social networks or blog on the topic, it is more difficult - you should be able to write well.
Over time, professional bonuses appear - free trips, events and tastings, word of mouth and reputation given to potential customers, the prospect of partnership in business.

Where to look for such a post? Affiliate programs have online courses, including mine, for example. Look at the market and sites of products and services close to you. Similarly, there are some online courses that work on affiliate programs. And still need to negotiate with local event organizers, promoters. Concerts, exhibitions - all your topic.

2. Realizer of goods from online auctions

The second most popular and easily mastered profession in any country in the world is the distributor of goods from online auctions. This is when a thing is taken and not one that everyone is too lazy to sell and follow its fate, supply and demand, but you are right there.

You will need a place to store goods, the ability to write, to be in touch and goodwill towards people. The latter is the most difficult for some, but here - contacts are inevitable.

Study the market - requests for all sorts avito and ebay, the needs of the audience and look for the product to implement. Offer yourself, do not be afraid. Your employer is interested in selling even more than you. Attention: do not burn, if you take your expenses on trades ahead. It is important not to make any investments and set the rate from 20 to 40%.

3. Copywriter

In the beginning, because there was a word, we’ll earn it. Mandatory component of this specialty - the ability to beautifully put the letters into words, and words into sentences. Just write correctly, for errors in copywriting issue a wolf ticket. Check spelling is always possible on online services. Courses will have to finish necessarily.

On job exchanges and sites like HH there is a very large demand for specialists writing in various professional fields, so the courses will pay off quickly.

How to sell yourself? Write a couple of articles on open sources, in groups in social networks, in comments on some important topics. Create your own blog page as an expert and post texts there, subscribe subscribers and register on freelance exchanges. Copywriter - in 99% freelancer, so it is more convenient for business and employee. If there is no experience at all - welcome here.

Photo: Facebook / Agnessa Pavlovna Teacher

4. Personal online assistant

Yes, it is claimed. Because it is often cheaper, faster, and in many cases more efficient than a secretary, always drinking coffee. First of all, study and propose professional planning and time management programs, business owners really appreciate when they are released an hour or two, and their work efficiency is increased.

You need to understand what exactly an entrepreneur needs - a bias in accounting or legal services, or maybe just planning. It doesn’t hurt to start your own page with a summary and expert opinions. Spending time studying you as a highly spiritual person, the employer will not, and in your account everything is clear.

Do not confuse personal page with cats, food or discussion of football matches and professional. You can complete online assistance courses, but if you were personal assistants in real life, a manager or administrator, you just need to study the latest achievements of Google tools, for example.

Get into your friends. Offer your services to those whom they can help organize a business. The benefit between an accountant “from 9 to 6 in the office” and “as needed” is obvious. And you can plan meetings and trips for the boss at home in a relaxed atmosphere, and not in the business center hive. At the same time you will earn from 250 $ per month. Depends on your download and the number of superiors.

5. Marketer for small business

And the fifth profession, my pride, so to speak. Highly specialized marketers for small businesses. Do you have cafes, hairdressers, pet stores in the city? Any business needs promotion, and who, if not you, disappears for hours in Facebook, YouTube or Instagram? We need to monetize this thing.

Marketers do everything - from creating the page and account to selling through these very pages. I have a marketing education school.

How much does this work cost? Depends on the economy of the country and your desire. Want - work 2 hours a week, want - 42. Consequently, the wallet and portfolio will be either thinner or thicker. Most start with 100 bucks a week, up to $ 50 per hour.

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