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Personal experience: to the dentist in mexico


As always, dental problems overtake us at the most inopportune moment. This hour has come for me: the old bridge with a hinged tooth ordered me to live a long time. And there was a big problem, how and where to do it.

For a start, I visited my dentist, who delighted me to pull out a tooth, put two implants and a crown on a preserved tooth. Interestingly, dentists in the United States are divided by narrow specialties. Implants puts one, crowns on top of them another, etc.

When they made a calculation, how much the whole work on the reconstruction of the teeth would cost me, my eyes went dark: 8 thousand 500 dollars, and this in view of my dental insurance, which covers part of the costs.

20 clinics near the border

The problem with the teeth itself is not solved, and I sat down at the computer. After a couple of hours, I discovered an alternative option, from which my eyes scattered. Not far from Tucson, where I live, is the border with Mexico, the city of Nogales. On the Mexican side, in Nogales there are about 20 dental clinics that serve foreigners at prices lower than the US in 2-3 times.

The next stage: I began to find out the rating of clinics among American patients. After reading the reviews on my list, there are 4 dental clinics worthy of attention. I contacted each of them by sending a letter explaining my problem and an X-ray.

All the clinics answered, approximately estimated the scope of work, described how all this would happen, and began to actively invite to the first free consultation. I opted for one of the four. On the Internet, I found more than fifty reviews of Americans who used the services of dentists from there, they were all positive, the work of specialists in different fields was estimated by five stars unanimously.

Came the day of the visit. For me, it meant leaving the house on 2 hours earlier, before Nogales about an hour and a half, then it was necessary to find the way across the border and find a dental clinic.

Photos of Tina Hellwig

We arrived in Nogales. The city is small but very unusual: it is divided in half by the 6-meter fence, built against illegal immigrants from Mexico. The town sprawls at the foot of the mountains, and the fence repeats their curves, running into small valleys and climbing to the peaks. Something this fence resembles the Great Wall of China ...

However, back to the purpose of our visit. We drove into the city and started driving around looking for parking. Paid parking is one of the businesses of a small town where there is a lot of work to do. Finally, we chose parking at a restaurant Burger King Delivery. My husband said he would be waiting for me in the car, and I needed to find a transition between the borders.

I asked a passerby how to get to the border. He waved his hand in the right direction, and I went to another country. Finally, I reached the transition. Before entering for the dull was written To Mexico... I found myself near a long tunnel, into which mostly Mexicans were walking. Somewhere in the middle were two Mexican border guards who, without asking for documents, let me in without looking. It really surprised and inspired me - it turns out that crossing the border is not at all difficult.

Photos of Tina Hellwig

Coming out of the tunnel on the other hand, I immediately realized that "you are not here." The tunnel went to a small area. With a lot of shops. Two Mexican gentlemen flew up to me and began offering to take a taxi, I told them that I was close. As soon as they rolled off, a magnificent lady with a cart of sweets immediately appeared, I also got rid of her quickly, saying in Russian that I did not understand her.

From the square began a long street on which dental clinics and pharmacies were located. I already knew that from the Mexican side, there are 22 dental clinics and a dozen pharmacies in Nogales.

Sitting on the bench, I called the clinic I needed, because I was promised to be met. Indeed, a girl appeared a minute later. Gabriela found out that I was their client, and we went to the clinic, which was located in 15 meters from the border.

Mexican service for Americans

Gabriela brought me the documents that I had to fill out. After that, she invited me to take a panoramic picture of the teeth and an 3D image. For the second procedure, we had to walk into the next knowledge. And then I understood the difference between the American part of the clinic and the Mexican one.

Opening the door, I saw a lot of people in the lobby. It was a steady rumble, because Mexicans love to talk loudly, and they don’t care what their neighbors hear their secrets. Gaby deftly led me through the crowd of visitors, and we climbed a very narrow staircase to the second floor, and after taking a photo, we returned to the American part of the dental clinic.

Photos of Tina Hellwig

Sitting in the dentist's chair, I looked at the big screen and saw all the manipulations of the doctor.

I was offered different variants of imlants. The doctor modeled their size and options demonstrated on the screen. The final stage of the consultation was to discuss the cost of work. She was twice as low as I paid for the same job in the United States a year ago.

I spent a total of about two hours in the clinic: filling out paperwork, two “photo sessions” to capture a Hollywood smile, and a 40-minute free consultation with a specialist. The only thing I paid for was the 3D session.

A week after the consultation, I was assigned a second visit and an operation.

The doctor and sister spoke English fairly well. Therefore, communication during the procedure did not present any difficulties. I was explained all the manipulations that will be done.

Photos of Tina Hellwig

The next visit was scheduled a month later to see how the implants had settled down. The doctor handed me a couple of prescriptions: a painkiller and an antibiotic that I had to take during the week. The nurse explained that the pharmacy is located at 5 meters from the dental clinic, and I can buy prescribed medication there.

I cheerfully walked to the pharmacy. They accepted me with open arms: they gave me the medicine I needed and asked if I needed anything else without a prescription. I said that for now. At the crossing, I showed my passport and went to America with my feet.

A month later, I had a follow-up visit to a Mexican dental clinic, where the doctor checked how things are going with the “equipment” installed. X-ray showed that the implants are well acclimatized, the gums healed. Dentist removed the stitches, closed the holes in the implants "plugs" and said that after a couple of months, you can take measurements for crowns.

Taking the measurements, which we arrived in two months, took about half an hour. The doctor said that in 2 weeks everything will be ready for final installation. Two weeks later I was already smiling with all my teeth. At the reception, I was handed a certificate-guarantee for work performed, which is valid for several years. For the first time in my life I see this!

Photos of Tina Hellwig

Summing up

How much did it cost me to visit the dentist? The time spent on 5 visits was 4 months. Consultation with a doctor is free, tooth extraction is free. The cost of a panoramic image for modeling is $ 85, the cost of one implant with a holder and a crown is $ 1 (you can choose a cheaper option), a crown for a healthy bearing tooth costs $ 850.

The cost of all the work is $ 4; when exchanged for a peso, they returned me 235 bucks. The total was $ 120 versus $ 4 applied for this job in the US. In addition, I received a certificate - a guarantee for the work done. If something happens, then everything will be repaired for me free of charge. In addition, all the work in the Mexican clinic was completed in 115 months against the planned 8 months in the American one.

Printed with permission of the author. The original is published on the portal. Tina Hellwig.

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