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Personal experience: the difference in working conditions in the United States and Russia

I came to a new position in a company where I had long wanted to go, so my thoughts are focused exclusively on work. They also prompted me to write a short note about some of the features of the US labor market.

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1. I begin, perhaps, with the fact that in the United States is critically important networking - know the right people in the right companies. After all, most often before your resume gets to the table for a recruiter, it should be selected by an automatic check system. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a company who can transfer your resume directly to the recruiter.

There are many activities here, geared precisely to ensure that you can find such acquaintances for yourself. The most popular sites with such events are и

2. In the US, you may not be hired because you have too many skills. Yes, you heard right. This is called overqualified. Therefore, sending a resume, you should not indicate too many skills beyond what is listed in the text of the vacancy.

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3. It is very narrow specialization by industry. In the same Academy of Arts, even a marketer will crust a bachelor of marketing in the arts. Or so.

4. In the USA, for the most part anyway for your experience in Russia. And it doesn't matter if it is Yandex, Sberbank or Gazprom - all other things being equal, your resume will be inferior to someone who has local experience. Anyway, in marketing it is.

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5. Still here personal interviews are not very fond... In my experience, before you step on the doorstep of a company, you have to go through 2-3 telephone interviews. That is, leaving with charisma and charm is not an easy task.

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In the US, everything you get above the official salary is called Benefit (benefit - advantage).

And here are these benefits significantly different from the Russian ones. I will tell on the example of Dell, where I am currently working.

401K - this is something like a pension fund, only you yourself choose which part of the salary to transfer there. Such a thing is provided by most companies. The beauty is that the pre-tax money goes there, in my case, Dell also adds to me. And this money is not just lying. They give me brokers, and I choose the strategy, how they invest my money in order to increase them and compensate for inflation.

Maternity leave - This is a standard thing in Russia, but in the US the length of the vacation depends on the company. Somewhere it's just two weeks. And the workplace, by the way, is not required to save. In my case, three months. And men also get such a vacation at Dell. The company is considered one of the best in this regard.

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Paid vacation leave relatives. It is also not everywhere, but we seem to have a month.

Vacation - In many American companies, people at first are given only 1 a week. And already with a length of service, this figure can grow to 4 weeks. In general, this is also regulated by the organization itself. I have a 3 week vacation, which is great for a starter pack. Plus a few days for religious holidays or something like that. Approximately 4 week and out.

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Insurance - some companies pay insurance in full, some compensate a part. And the types of insurance themselves differ from company to company. In many organizations, the spouse may be tied to insurance. I don’t pay for mine because I’m attached to my husband’s insurance. But do not forget that even with insurance, medicine is not cheap.

Of nice little things: they give me an unlimited travel card, $ 300 for sports, $ 25 per month for coffee / snacks, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and ice cream in the office, discounts in various places on the Dell badge. Previously, even beer pins were, but the company's policy has changed, so that's it.

The original column is published in a personal Instagram Karina Kudinovoy.

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