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Banksy's identity may have been revealed: he may be a member of the popular band Massive Attack

Rumors about the identity of the English underground street artist Banksy, which he keeps in the strictest confidence, have never subsided. But no one knew for sure who he really was. Until now, reports MSN.

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There are almost as many myths and legends about graffiti artist and street art professional Banksy as about Shakespeare. For many years, half the world has been trying to find out who had a hand in an aerosol can. His paintings are primarily characterized by criticism of society and have the status of real works of art. Anyone who sees the real Banksy, or even better, even sees his work on the wall of their house, will be hugely lucky.

Great unknown

Some time ago, there were rumors that Banksy was actually a member of the British band Massive Attack, namely Robert Del Naja. A buddy of the British band named Goldie was interviewed about the art on the weekly Distraction Pieces podcast. In one sentence he was talking about Banksy, in another he called him by his name: Robert.

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Well, the name Robert is not uncommon in England. Goldie, a well-known UK DJ and producer, is good friends with Robert. This Robert is not only one of the founding members of the Bristol trip-hop group Massive Attack, but also a member of the graffiti movement in the 80s. So according to the fans, Robert should be referring to Robert Del Naja.

Curious coincidence?

This theory is supported by journalist Craig Williams. He has long claimed that the graffiti artist is the musician Del Naja. He came up with this theory due to the fact that Banksy's work was often found near the Massive Attack venues.

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Over the past 12 years, more than a dozen murals have been discovered in cities where the group's concert should take place or has already taken place on the same day. In addition, Robert Del Maya himself confirmed that he has known Banksy since ancient times and is even friends with him.

Nothing but a guess

Banksy's name is confirmed to be Robert. But is it really the musician Del Naja, so far only a vague assumption. This probably won't be confirmed by Banksy (or Del Naja), as it was with all the other gossip and rumors about his true self. Speculation about the supposedly British artist has continued and continues.

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His face was allegedly once photographed by a woman who caught the artist at the scene of the crime.

Let's see if Banksy ever introduces himself to the public and reveals who he really is.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • World famous graffiti artist Banksy published his new work, and appeared she is on a destroyed building in Borodianka, Ukraine.
  • Ukrainians were the first to caught the legendary British street artist Banksy at work in the Kyiv region. Then Banksy published video, where he showed how he created graffiti in Ukraine.
  • Soon, from the facade of a building bombed by Russia in the city of Gostomel, Kyiv region, thieves cut graffiti Banksy.

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