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Personal opinion: why bloggers are looking for dirt in America


From the angle depends on how you see the Los Angeles

What are my different interests with travel bloggers? Some time ago I read about a couple of top bloggers about traveling to Los Angeles and San Diego and, as usual, remained at a loss. Honestly, I never had the desire “for fun” to take the tram in the center of San Diego and get to the Mexican border for $ 2.50 to see “how it all works”. I have never had a desire to visit Tijuana - I always had enough of this dirty wild city, in which I happened to be on a cruise.

I don't understand why spend a whole valuable day traveling to the slums and then spitting when you are in San Diego, where gorgeous beaches, rose gardens, bridges and a lot of beautiful things. Just 15 minutes from the center there are incredible mountains, desert landscapes of extraordinary beauty. And I'm really perplexed - what prevents a travel blogger from finding out and telling about it? But trash appears instead. And he is gaining a bunch of comments: photographs of homeless people give the reader a reason to enjoy their measured life and clap their tongues, as if there are only vagabonds in America.

I am already silent about the fact that top bloggers post about my beloved Los Angeles - there they are also looking for homeless people and dirt in downtown. And downtown is very different - there is a wonderful Little Tokyo, and a great Thai district.

Los Angeles is on the hills - which prevents us from riding through our canyons, climbing up the street on a hill, looking at the legendary places where cult films were made - the same Mulholland Drive, it's so beautiful there! And in the Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the best collections of Russian artists of the beginning of the 20-th century.

Lake Casitas is just an hour from Los Angeles. Photo

Another favorite shot of bloggers is Venice Beach. Yes, there are many homeless people, but there is a special hippie spirit of freedom, and Venice itself is the capital of hipsters with the coolest culinary scene and great shopping. There, for example, are the flagship stores Le Labo and Hourglass - take a walk around Abbot Kinney. But instead of this - again stamping. Instead of getting to know the cities - searching for dirt.

Sunset Strip is a great neighborhood! Photo

I guess I will never be able to understand this desire to roll out in the mud. It's as if you came to Moscow - and instead of the Boulevard Ring, you went to look at the hostels of the Chinese. Or they would have been looking for unbroken Khrushchevs Or if in Moscow I would hunt for homeless people urinating on the Arbat. Isn't it a pity to waste time on this? And if a foreigner takes a picture of this, we are offended.

I’m not offended for Los Angeles and San Diego, it’s just incomprehensible to me, is it really impossible to see anything better during my short trip? I will give an example from life. I do not like Peter, I lived there for almost a year. But the guests who came to me, I did not drive across the neglected courtyard-wells in the city center, but showed a beautiful, unique city with a unique architecture, so that unforgettable impressions remain. What do you want!

Katya Matoyan, life coach

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