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Personal bench in Central Park: how to get a personalized sign

Central Park - one of the most visited places in New York. If you want to give someone an unusual but memorable gift, give him a personal bench in this park. There are over 9 thousand shops, so the choice is huge. On how to do this, tells Central park conservancy.

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After you select a bench, a copper plate with engraved text will be fixed on it. What exactly to write on it is up to you, or the recipient of such an unusual gift. How much it costs will be discussed in this material.


In 1986 in New York, the institution Adopt-A-Bench (“Adopt a Bench”) was created. It is engaged in supporting the infrastructure of the Central Park - more than 9 of thousands of benches and surrounding landscapes. To date, the organization has already helped “adopt” more than 6800 benches.

In recognition of the contribution to the park's foundation, the Conservancy (Central Park Conservancy is the private, non-profit park area that operates Central Park - Ed.) Will install a personalized sign on a park bench of the donor's choice.

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