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5 New Discounts for New York ID Owners

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New Yorkers, IDNYC municipal ID card holders can save a lot this summer. New discounts have been added to the program, which can be used now.

1. Get 50% discount on KidPass membership

Sign up for discounts on children's activities (including music, sports, art and dancing), visits to indoor play areas and much more. Those who register for the first time can choose a 50% discount on membership for one month or 20% for three months.

2. 50% discount on Bike New York membership

IDNYC card holders can purchase an initial annual membership in Bike new york for half the usual cost. Benefits include the possibility of early registration at TD Five Boro Bike Tour; discounts on bicycles, accessories and repairs; invitations to special bike rides and events, and much more.

3. Get 25% discount on Gulliver's Gate entrance tickets

Gulliver's Gate - This is an indoor exhibition of miniatures, creating the full effect of presence. It occupies a whole city block. The exhibits include miniature mock-ups of Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and the city of New York. Here are the best architectural monuments of the world, such as Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China and others. The exhibition is located on Times Square.

4. Take the opportunity to buy two tickets for the price of one at Victorian Gardens Amusement Park

This summer you will receive two tickets for the price of one for the entrance to Victorian gardens - a traditional family amusement park with unique, hand-decorated attractions. Bracelets and individual tickets for attractions are not included. The park is located in Central Park.

20% discount on tickets to New Victory Theater

IDNYC card holders can get tickets with 20% discount for evening performances (start at 17: 00 and 19: 00) of the largest non-profit organization in New York that arranges art shows for children and families. Her building is located on the legendary 42nd Street. The offer is available when buying tickets by phone and at the box office. There are certain limitations.

Recall IDNYC program was launched in New York in 2015 year. Among the objectives of this project, the organizers called the opportunity for immigrants to get an identity card. It should be noted that in fact the ID NYC card allows only to use several entertainment and cultural institutions and libraries. In addition, receive a discount in stores and concert halls, as well as upon receipt of drugs by prescription in pharmacies. To get ID NYC, you must verify your identity and address. You can do this by showing your passport, valid US visa or driver's license, and also present a utility bill in your name, rental contract, or other documents.

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