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California Wildfire: Caused By Fire

Fire brigades continue to fight Saddleridge fire. Authorities said they determined that a fire broke out near a high voltage tower in Silmar. Writes about it LAist.

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SoCal Edison spokeswoman Susan Cox said on Monday that they notified the California Public Utilities Commission about the emergency, "realizing that this is a difficult test for many people affected by Saddleridge fire in Los Angeles County. "

The cause of the fire has not yet been established.

Representatives of the Los Angeles fire department said they narrowed the radius of the search for the cause of fire to the area under the 50 xNUMX ft high voltage tower (70 at 15 m).

An anonymous witness said that not far from the place where the fire started, there is a "camp of the homeless." After checking the territory, authorities stated that no trace of the presence of the homeless was found.

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On the morning of October 14, the Air Quality Authority warned that a change in wind direction "May send the remaining smoke south and back to the San Fernando Valley."

Firefighters managed to localize 43% Saddleridge Fire, in addition, there will no longer be fire near residential buildings. This was facilitated by a decrease in air temperature and wind speed, as well as an increase in humidity.

“Such weather is an ally of firefighters,” the incident report says.

“The fire is considered“ dirty fire, ”said Nicolas Prerange, representative of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD).“ There is still unburned vegetation in its hearth. If the wind rises, it can lead to a new fire. That's why it is so important to extinguish. ”

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According to LAFD spokesman Eric Scott, more than 17 600 houses and other structures were saved from the fire.

Basic data

  • Area covered by fire: 7 965 acres (3,223 ha)
  • Localization: 43%
  • Mandatory evacuation: all evacuations were carried out
  • Buildings destroyed: 17
  • Damaged designs: 58
  • Posted resources: 1000 people from the fire department of the city and Los Angeles County, as well as teams from CalFire
  • Air quality: smoke assessment terminated from Monday noon, August 14.

As a result, Saddleridge Fire died one person. Alberto Torres died of cardiac arrest. According to authorities, Torres patrolled the parks affected by the fire. Three more firefighters received minor injuries.

In previous reports, the number of structures destroyed was 23. But Prange explained that some of the structures that were initially thought to be destroyed were inspected and found to be damaged, not destroyed.

How it all began

The fire started around 21: 00 on Thursday, 10 October near Yarnell Street and north of 210 Highway in Silmar and quickly spread west.

A fire broke out simultaneously in several places in the state. Los Angeles authorities announced a tactical readiness in case of fire.

For 100 000 people from more than 20 000 houses, a mandatory evacuation was announced, and more than 20 000 customers turned off the electricity.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has signed a state of emergency declaration, which is the first step to obtaining additional resources from county and government agencies.

Towards Saturday evening, October 12, the winds in Santa Ana, which led to the rapid intensification of the fire, subsided, which helped firefighters improve the situation and expand their containment lines.

The LAFD canceled all fire evacuation orders on Saturday, October 12, in the evening. However, local authorities and politicians encouraged residents to take the initiative, paying close attention to news messages and alerts throughout the city.

By sending a “Ready” message to 888-777, residents will be registered at and will receive notification of evacuation in their area.

The US Forest Service announced Monday that parts of the Los Angeles National Forest, including roads and trails, are currently closed due to a fire.

All evacuation centers were closed on Sunday, 13 October.

All freeways, motorways and highways were open late on Saturday, October 12. All schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District resumed classes on Monday, October 14.

From noon on October 14 all smoke quality assessments associated with Saddleridge firewere discontinued.

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According to the Office of Air Quality Control on the South Coast, the recommendations on air quality in some parts of the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys and in the western mountains of San Gabriel were extended until Monday. During the consultative period, air quality remained potentially harmful.

AQMD advised everyone who learns the smell of smoke to stay indoors with windows and doors closed, avoiding physical activity.

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