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Six winter events you can't miss

Winter is not only a time of holidays and a time when miracles are possible. This is a time of fun shows, unforgettable concerts and breathtaking events. Traditionally, ForumDaily has compiled a list of the highlights of this winter that may be of interest to Russian-speaking residents of the United States.

Collage: ForumDaily

Choose what you like and have fun to the fullest!


Basta is one of the most respected artists, performing hip-hop with an incredible atmosphere, soulful lyrics and amazing music. His tracks have been trending for more than 13 years, and occupy only the first positions in the leading music charts.

The guests of his concerts in the USA will find a fantastic, bright and unforgettable megashaw, where the artist will perform his most famous hits, as well as songs from the new album.

The concerts of the artist will take place in the following cities of the USA:

Glory Show Polunin SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW

Photo: Facebook / Slava's Snowshow. Collage: ForumDaily

One of the most successful international shows of all time, SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW, nominated for the Tony Award, is returning to Broadway. This incredible theater performance created by Slava Polunin will fascinate art lovers of all ages. The action of SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW takes place in a surrealized world, where the author depicted his fabulous vision of things, filled with magical dynamism and humorous antics.

Bright performances will be shown in New York for eight weeks - from November 22 to January 5. You can book tickets at link.

Fix-show "Santas exist"

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

Residents of the United States this winter are waiting for a completely new licensed performance based on the series “Fixics”. Do your children believe in Santa Claus? Professor Miracles and fixatives will prove to you that it exists. And not only him. An impressive New Year premiere with the participation of fixatives and a whole company of New Year's grandfathers from different countries will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Directly in front of the audience, teleportation of heroes and objects from different parts of the world will take place. The new invention of the restless Genius Evgenievich allows you to lure any object from anywhere in the world. The first to test the device, Miracles invited Simka and Nolik. Together they try to teleport Santa Claus: how could it be without him on the most magical holiday ... But the error of the device and the interference from the administrator Uma Palatovna Zanozina leads to the most unexpected consequences: at once three Santa Clauses from different continents will be on the same stage.

Schedule of performances:

Stas Mikhailov

Photo: Official site of Stas Mikhailov (

In honor of his 50 anniversary, one of the most beloved and famous Russian performers, Stas Mikhailov, will present his fans in the US a new program called “Everything for You”.

He invariably captivates the audience, because at each concert the artist does not just perform songs one after another, but interacts with the audience, responds to his mood, communicates with the audience.

Concert schedule:

Vera Polozkova

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

The Russian poetess Vera Polozkova for the first time goes on tour in the United States. In America, she will present her new concert, where poetry is complemented by music and visual elements that accurately convey the meaning of the poet's works. The poems included in the new program resonate with travels and changes in the life of Polozkova, at the same time revolving around eternal topics: love and fear, money and spiritual wealth, age and relationships between people.

Vera Polozkova’s poetry concerts “High Resolution” will be held in the following US cities:

Grigory Popovich Circus

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

Winner of many international circus competitions, winner of the gold medal in Paris, the Grand Prix in Brussels, the first place in the circus competition in Moscow, as well as a special prize in Monte Carlo, the legendary artist Grigory Popovich arrives in the United States with his entire team.

This unforgettable show will amuse the whole family. Guests will see more than 30 animals, as well as acrobats, jugglers, equilibrists and, of course, clowns.

The program of the performance includes new numbers, clownery and the classic of the Russian circus: animal railway, dog school, cat revue, brave firefighters and much more.

View Schedule:

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