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Where to immigrate to the USA: how to choose the best state

Deciding to move to the United States is not going to solve anything. It is necessary to make another, more difficult choice - the choice of one of fifty states, each of which is good in its own way. American states are so different that one can speak of them as separate countries: different laws, nature, people, and even language, or rather an accent. And, of course, in each state, migrants are treated differently: somewhere they are looked at in the same way as blacks in Syzran, and somewhere without them it is impossible to imagine the local economy, writes Selfmadetrip.

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Our people usually choose their future homeland according to several criteria. If in some state there are relatives or friends, then there is nothing to think about. At first, support and help with adaptation is very important: explain what to answer to “what's up?”, Give the canola oil a try and help to file a tax return - a whole new world will be opened to you!

However, if you are not lucky with American connections, it is worth considering other criteria. First, the availability of work. And this is quite logical, because the newcomers do not have to rely on the support of the state, which must first be “earned” by obtaining citizenship. Even if you have a green card, do not expect benefits and help from the authorities until you have worked 10 years in the US. Of course, the job search process is unique for everyone, but in some states, for example, there is a demand for superprofessional programmers, in others for engineers, and in others it is easy to find a simple but low-paying specialty.

An important factor when choosing a state is climate. This is very important for our people, frozen to the bone, who, together with the political and social background, often want to change the nature outside the window for something more friendly or exotic.

But do not forget about natural disasters, which in the United States are as many as the types of peanut butter. Here there are perennial droughts and floods with the rise of water on 10 meters, and a whole series of tornadoes with houses and cows circling in them. And for some states these phenomena are more characteristic than for others.

Thirdly, many wonder if they will meet compatriots in America. It is interesting for various reasons: such a meeting is scary for someone, like a ghost of the past, and gives others hope for support. By the way, most of the time you will receive this support - it is customary in the ethnic community to help each other.

So, to choose a city where you will be most comfortable, you must first select a state. Take even broader - the region. Conventionally, the United States is divided into four areas: South, West, Midwest, and Northeast (as we remember from Zadornov, the geography of the Americans is bad). Let us try to determine what is special about each region.

Northeastern states are quite popular among Russian emigrants. At a minimum, because here it’s faster and cheaper to fly, respectively, it is possible to fly to Russia more often to visit relatives. But these states also attract others.

In the Northeast United States - the most developed economy, the most diverse culture. There are many immigrants here, and, as a result or as a reason, these states are considered the most tolerant. Up to 85,% of the population of the region lives in cities, so the megacities are huge here and life in them is in full swing, but in small villages it is much calmer and quieter. The local climate is similar to the Russian one - there are all four seasons. The proximity of the ocean makes it sharper, but it provides the locals with a swimming season and Atlantic lobsters.

Since we are talking about gastronomy, one cannot fail to mention the Big Apple. New York City is the largest city in the eastern United States and a real magnet for immigrants from all countries. The Russians here are awaited by a whole district of their own, a settled and cozy Brighton Beach with a very special culture - a mixture of Soviet and American: in dumplings you can buy manti by weight, and in the restaurant you can order Cizar with Chicken and leave the “types”. Russians were so settled in New York that they opened their stores, schools, publications and even baths here.

Even illegal immigrants here are treated very loyally, so it’s worth nothing to get a job. However, you will have to fight for good work, because the tacit capital of the States attracts not only visitors, but also Americans from all over the country who will compete with at least their impeccable English. On the other hand, to get a simple job in the service sector, you also need to try, because illegal immigrants from third countries often simply “dump”: they are willing to work for meager wages.

Purposeful person New York promises career development and good money, but you have to pay for promises. In particular - the rent, but it is rather big here.

As compensation, the city will delight you with developed transport, plenty of entertainment and the feeling that you are “yours” in this multinational community. There are also disadvantages: dirty metro, garbage bags, rotting on the streets, high crime rates in disadvantaged areas, fast pace of life and crowds of tourists.

If we talk about the state of New York, everything is much simpler and calmer here. In principle, it is in many ways similar to the neighboring New Jersey - a semi-village state with fairly high prices, which still turn out to be lower than in New York City. In Jersey there are dark, criminal cities like Trenton, and quite light and calm, like University Princeton. It’s hard to find a job here, so many people go to earn money in New York. If you do decide to settle in New Jersey, you need to consider that there are several universities in the south of the state, so housing there is of low quality and it is difficult to rent, but it is cheaper. In the center - not the safest areas, but in the north - expensive. Therefore, it is best to live on the border with Pennsylvania, where there are fewer blacks and property prices are lower.

The state of Pennsylvania is another center of gravity for Russians in the United States - the city of Philadelphia. Each Soviet wave of emigration contributed to the formation of the local Russian-speaking community.

Philadelphia is responded in different ways: tourists call it a dream city, and those who have lived here for some time complain about the high cost of living and the large number of unemployed blacks. The situation is similar in Pittsbug, a rapidly developing industrial city. There are also many Russian-speaking people here, who usually get jobs in Russian companies, restaurants and gas stations. By the way, last year Pittsburgh was recognized as the best city in the US for quality of life: health care, finance, education, tourism and high-tech industries are developed here.

The three states we describe are called the Mid-Atlantic. The second group of northeastern states is New England. It includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The first pilgrims came to this region to start a new life. Until now, most of the locals are immigrants from Europe and descendants of the British, Irish, French, Italians and Portuguese.

European values ​​here were supplemented by American ones and were conserved: it is believed that New England is the only region that maintains its cultural identity, defined by a special combination of puritanism and liberalism, agriculture with industry and isolation with the acceptance of immigrants. In addition, New England is the safest region in the United States, which, however sad it may sound, is due to a small number of blacks.

The climate in these states is continental, hot in summer, cold in winter. But all year round the new nature is surrounded by beautiful nature: forests, mountains, lakes. In the summer you can fish, and in the winter you can ski. The cities and settlements here are mostly small, the locals love peace and quiet. Many establishments close early, hours to 8 evenings, so they go to Boston, New York and Canada to entertain themselves.

Of course, not all of New England boasts a developed economy — it is stagnant in Vermont.

The state earns mainly the production of dairy products: cheese, chocolate and the famous ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's. Although local merry milkmen have the right to carry arms without special permission, Vermont is traditionally one of the five safest states in America. Vermont is a small town (even in the largest Burlington there are less than 50 thousands of people), beautiful nature, lack of work and proximity to Canada, in particular - to Montreal.

Something like New Hampshire. Its advantage is that there is no income tax and tax on goods (cigarettes, alcohol, appliances and others), as in other states. However, this is offset by high property taxes. The Hampshire city of Nashua was twice recognized as the "best place to live in America" ​​by the version of the magazine "Money". However, it really will be so for you if you have the means: it’s difficult to earn there. Therefore, many people prefer to live in nearby Maine, and go shopping in Vermont.

Of course, in Maine, the work is also not all thank God. Small cities in this state are just houses in the forest, even without streets. It is rather cold in the north, the French language is constantly heard - the proximity of Canada lets you know about yourself. True, the south of Maine - resort location.

A little different Connecticut: there is more black, more crime. This state is poorer than its neighbors: for example, in schools, up to 90% of children “have the right to free breakfasts,” that is, many families live in poverty and benefit. In general, this state is included in several ratings of the “worst states”: it is bad for business, bad from an economic point of view, bad for growing old, bad for life in principle. Even the locals tend to leave there as soon as the opportunity arises.

Rhode Island, the smallest state in the Northeast and the United States in general, is mostly students. Almost half of its inhabitants are Dominicans, and even the mayor of the capital Providence is from the Dominican Republic. The crime rate here is also quite high, and the Russians are few.

In general, it can be said that New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island are not the best states for newcomers. They are more suitable for recreation and enjoying nature than for active work in order to settle in a new country.

Massachusetts, on the contrary, is a very good option. Here, the new British pros - peace, nature, white population, similarity with Europe - are complemented by a high standard of living and the presence of a large metropolis of Boston, where there will always be work.

Young people can go to one of the best Boston universities: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the New England Conservatory. You can get a job in them, if you are a scientist or a researcher, or you can join one of the 20 private enterprises owned by Russian-speaking owners, if you are not very good with English. In general, the Russian community is constantly growing. By the way, retirees in Massachusetts take special care: they rent out municipal apartments in condominiums for little money and at the same time pay a pension, even if they have not worked in America for a single day. True, this applies only to those who could become an American citizen.

In Boston, mostly go to work, not only from Massachusetts, but also from neighboring states. It is better to live on its outskirts, which are beautiful, calm, clean towns. It is difficult to find housing in the capital itself: students usually rent apartments, sorting out the most attractive options.

But if you succeeded in getting settled somewhere near this city, you will not have to regret it: there are many museums in Boston itself, beautiful historical districts (there is little Italy and Ireland), funny campuses, and, of course, tasty lobsters. Here they love sports very much: probably, every Bostonian has a piece of clothing with the symbol of his favorite local team - hockey players. Bruins, basketball players Celtics or baseball players in red socks Red Sox.

It turns out that the best place to live, and even more so for new arrivals, is the satellite cities of megalopolises.

For New York, this is Jersey City, Linden, Newark; for Philadelphia — for example, Morrisville and Camden; for Boston - Cambridge, Brookline, Alston or more small Canton. Why - it is obvious: real estate prices are lower, life is calmer, and you can go to downtown to work.

To whom there is a road

Northeastern states are suitable for those who need to know that in the next street or in the next house he will meet his former compatriot. Those who do not want to radically change the climatic conditions, so as not to abandon their favorite fishing on the lake and mountain skiing in the winter, but who are very impressed by life side by side with the Atlantic Ocean.

It is better to come here to wealthy people who are looking for a quiet life in the village, but are not willing to tolerate Russian roads and collapsing houses, but dream of an American house with a veranda and a green lawn along which squirrels and rabbits jump. Or enterprising young people who are attracted by the wide career opportunities, excellent education and the lights of the big city.

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