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Not all tax-paying immigrants will receive federal aid for coronavirus

A government package of assistance to the US economy in the amount of $ 2 trillion provides for direct payments to residents of the United States, reports “Voice of America".

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The amount of payments depends on the income of an individual or family. It will be calculated taking into account the tax return for 2019 (or 2018 if the person did not manage to file a tax return this year).

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The maximum lump sum payment is $ 1200 per person. If he receives more than $ 75 a year (before taxes, which average 000%), then the amount will be proportionally lower (minus $ 25 for every $ 50 of income in excess of $ 1000). Thus, people receiving $ 75 a year are not entitled to payments from the state. Separate rules apply to families filing joint tax returns.

However, even with incomes of less than $ 75 per year, some groups of the population will not receive government assistance. We are talking about US immigrants who are required to pay taxes, but do not have a Social Security Number (SSN). This number may not be available to everyone living in the United States, because some of them do not have the right to work. However, they still have to pay taxes. To do this, they are given another ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

ITIN numbers are illegal immigrants, as well as wives / husbands of US citizens or people with a green card or an American work visa. Also included in this category are students, professors, or researchers with non-resident status in the United States.

In 2015, the 4 million people who had ITIN paid $ 4,35 billion in taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Some Democrats in the House of Representatives of the US Congress criticized this provision, initiated by Republicans.

“Thanks to the Republicans, these checks are not received by immigrants who pay taxes, they do not receive anything. Many of them are employees of important structures, and they pay more taxes than Amazon, ”said congresswoman Alexandria Okasio-Cortes.

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The Americans received similar payments under the stimulus package in 2001 (after the September 11 attacks) and in 2008 (after the onset of the financial crisis). In 2008, people with ITIN also did not receive payments from the state.

As reported by ForumDaily:

  • Senate approved unprecedented economic crisis relief package $ 2,2 trillion, which will go to businesses, workers and healthcare systems affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The bill was unanimously supported, despite the fears of representatives of both parties that the proposed measures are too large or, conversely, not large enough.
  • For information on who is eligible for federal assistance, and when this money will be paid, read here.
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