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Plane crash in Nepal: people died in the most dangerous airport in the world. VIDEO

Three died, four were injured in a plane crash at Tenzing-Hillary airport in the Nepalese city of Lukla, writes BBC Russian Service.

Photo: Youtube Screenshot Revmandu Sherpa

A small Let-410 aircraft from Summit Air, heading for Kathmandu, crashed into a Manang Air helicopter during takeoff and left the runway, a Nepalese civil aviation ministry spokesman said.

Among the dead were the pilot of the plane and two police officers who were standing next to the helicopter. The pilot and one of the policemen died on the spot, the second policeman died in hospital.

Most dangerous

The small airport of Lukla, often referred to as the gateway to the Himalayas, is the only one in the Everest region, at 2 meters above sea level and considered the most dangerous in the world due to its short runway and mountainous terrain that makes it difficult to land.

One of the ends of the runway with a length of 527 meters rests on the edge of a cliff, stretching into a seven-meter-high abyss. On the other hand, the runway rests on the foot of the ridge.

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Due to the strong slope, the runway ends differ in height by 60 meters. The airport is often closed due to strong winds or thick clouds.

Due to the extremely difficult conditions, only experienced pilots who made at least one hundred landings and takeoffs on a short runway, who worked in such conditions for at least a year in Nepal and made at least 10 landings and takeoffs in Lukla under the supervision of a special instructor pilot, are allowed to land here.

The authorities promised to build separate helicopter sites here before 2020.

The airport, named after the first explorers of Everest Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, was especially busy in April, when the spring season for climbers begins.

Nepal airlines

In recent years, civil aviation in Nepal, due to the influx of tourists, has significantly increased the number of flights to remote areas of the Himalayas, which is often impossible to reach by land.

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However, flight safety in the country leaves much to be desired due to poor pilot training and often a low level of aircraft maintenance.

In February, a helicopter crash in Nepal killed seven people, including the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal, Rabindra Adhikari.

For security reasons, the European Union has banned the flights of all Nepalese airlines in its airspace.

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