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Crocodiles on the streets, evacuation and sewerage at sea: a historic flood occurred in Crimea

In Yalta and in the vicinity of the city, there was a flood provoked by downpours. Because of this, the crocodilarium was completely flooded. Writes about it "Focus".

“The room was completely flooded. In the last seconds, almost everyone was evacuated, ”says the director of the crocodilarium Viktor Zhilenko.

Above the room there was 20 centimeters of space to the ceiling, the rest of the building was filled with water. Thanks to this, according to director Zhilenko, "everyone who wanted to survive swam and breathed."

He published a video footage of which shows how people with their hands catch crocodiles from the flooded part of the building, writes Gazeta.

“Nothing terrible happened, only crocodiles are walking,” wrote the director of the crocodilarium.

"Yalta residents and guests of Crimea, don't worry, no one escaped!" He added.

According to him, 30 crocodiles have already been caught, and several more remain at large.

In the media, they claim that the reptiles managed to break free and there were about 70 of them.

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According to the institution, Siamese crocodiles, a very rare species living in fresh rivers and swamps, also live in the crocodilarium. Adults mark their individual territory with loud blows of the head on the surface of the water or the click of their jaws. The maximum size of a reptile is up to 4 meters. In total, about 200 individuals of different species lived in the crocodilarium, writes Fishki.

Despite the fact that Zhilenko says that all the reptiles are in place, the residents of Yalta claim the opposite.

To date, all crocodiles have been caught. Their condition is satisfactory, and biologists fear that due to prolonged exposure to cold water, reptiles may develop pneumonia.

But not only crocodiles surprised Yalta residents. For example, one guy managed to catch a sturgeon with his bare hands.

What happened

On June 17, torrential rains flooded more than 300 buildings in the east of the peninsula. During the night in Kerch and nearby areas, almost two monthly rainfall rates (82 mm) fell. In Yalta, the water supply was temporarily stopped and the passage to the flooded city center was completely blocked. It was reported that more than 135 mm of precipitation fell in the city. The last time such a situation was in 1922, when more than 190 mm of precipitation fell per day.

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Rivers overflowed the banks, flooding the streets of the resorts. One local resident was killed. In Alupka and near the village of Opolznevoe, a mudflow descended on the highway. An emergency regime has been introduced in Kerch, Yalta, Feodosia and the Kirov region, writes RG.

As a result of the flood sewerage systems were disrupted, many trees with washed roots fell, beaches were destroyed. It will take more than one week to eliminate mountains from garbage, dirt and stones on the roads, writes "Home".

In Yalta, 13 hotels and hotels were flooded after a volley of prolonged rainstorms. Tourists were evacuated from two of them. This was announced at a meeting of the Emergency Situations Commission in the administration.

“In total, there are 20 thousand tourists on the territory of Yalta and its villages,” said Minister of Resorts and Tourism Vadim Volchenko. “Of the two most affected hotels in the center of Yalta, Bristol and Oreanda, tourists have been evacuated.”

A video became popular where the head of the annexed Crimea Sergey Aksenov inspected Kerch. Viewers were surprised to see three men in black, who were sailing down the street behind a boat. There were even rumors on social networks that they were Aksenov's guards. But in reality, these swimmers turned out to be employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

“This is being done for everyone, without exception, and, accordingly, I was not an exception,” he said.

According to the latest data, 43 people were injured.

Even cars were washed away with streams of water. All the liquid leaked into the sea. The beaches of Yalta will not be able to fully work for a long time, because deep gullies have appeared on them, which will have to be leveled. Sanitary doctors believe that sea water is now completely unsuitable for bathing, because not only street dirt has got into it, but also sewage.

No one gives forecasts about when the natural clearing of the sea will take place, because if the rains continue, the mud will continue to flow into the water. And if the heat suddenly comes, as predicted by meteorologists, the active reproduction of algae will also begin.

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