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Airline Crisis: Fewer People Fly in the US than Rides New York

New data show how much the coronavirus hit the aviation industry: let's say, much more people travel in the New York subway than in the sky across the country, writes Fox News.

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According to reports, far more people use the New York subway system than flies throughout the United States. Airlines have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and new data seem to illustrate this.

According to Simple Flying, over the past few months, the number of air passengers in the United States has declined significantly. During the same period, the decrease in the number of passengers was also observed in the New York metro system, which can probably be explained by the smaller number of tourists visiting the city and the fact that many of its residents work from home.

However, passenger numbers are reported to be increasing in both industries.

Jason Rabinowitz of the flight tracking project was the first to notice the trend and share his findings with his followers on Twitter. He released passenger data from March 1 to mid-July.

“I have compiled data on the number of passengers, and only in the New York subway there are almost twice as many of them as passengers of all airlines in the country combined. Throw in @NYCTBus @LIRR and @MetroNorth [New York City Bus, Long Island Railroad, and Metro North Railroad] and it becomes clear how important public transport funding is. " wrote he.

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It may take some time before the airline industry fully recovers.

On Tuesday July 14, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said the airline would keep some of the seats empty beyond September 30, but warned that the policy would not last forever. The blocking of middle seats in the ranks was "the # 1 reason customers choose Delta," he said.

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