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New drug leads to rapid recovery of patients with severe COVID-19

Critically ill COVID-19 patients quickly recovered from respiratory distress after three days of treatment with RLF-100, a therapy that has received fast-track approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Writes about it New York Post.

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Geneva-based Relief Therapeutics Holdings AG RFLB.S has a patent for RLF-100, or Aviptadil, a synthetic form of a natural lung-protecting peptide. American-Israeli company NeuroRx Inc. has partnered with Relief to develop this drug in the United States.

In June, the FDA ordered an accelerated use of RLF-100 to treat respiratory distress in patients with severe COVID-19.

While a 2-patient phase 70 clinical trial is ongoing, RLF-100 is being administered on an emergency basis to some critically ill patients.

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The first report on rapid recovery from emergency use was published by doctors at Houston Methodist Hospital.

It states that a 54-year-old man with COVID-19 managed to stop lung damage within four days of RLF-100 treatment.

Subsequently, similar results were obtained in more than 15 patients with the use of the drug in emergency cases.

Both companies also confirm that aviptadil blocks the replication of the SARS coronavirus in human immune and lung cells.

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