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Costa Rica has opened a corridor for migrants in the US

The Costa Rican government eased border controls with Panama to allow Cuban migrants to continue their journey to the United States.

More than a thousand Cubans are on the Costa Rican border from last Thursday, which forced some of them to organize a protest and block off the Inter-American Highway for several hours, after which the Costa Rican authorities began issuing seven-day transit visas to them.

“The situation we are faced with is extraordinary, we have never seen anything like this,” said Costa Rica Immigration Deputy Director Gladys Jimenez. “We hope that Nicaragua will accept them with these documents so they can continue their journey.”

Since the Cold War, Cuban refugees enjoy a special status in the United States, who have introduced the rule that those migrants who enter the country by land may remain, while those who sail by sea are sent back.

Therefore, Cubans prefer to go to the US by land through Mexico and Central America, but many now fear that the current warming of Cuban-American relations may put an end to the policy of providing them with asylum in the States.

Earlier amerikantsy restored direct flights to Cuba. A US and Cuba reopen embassies.

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