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Coronavirus hardly transmits across surfaces: important evidence from new studies

German scientists came to the conclusion that coronavirus is almost not transmitted through the surface, and in 99% of cases, infection occurs after prolonged contact with the patient, the agency writes UNIAN.

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Scientists are convinced that in 99% of the virus is transmitted during prolonged contact with the infected. This was told by a virologist from Germany Hendrik Streck from the Institute of Virology and HIV Research of the University of Bonn, reports RTL Today.

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The studies were conducted in the city of Gaisberg, one of the epicenters of the coronavirus in Germany. For several weeks, scientists collected information in the city, interviewed people and took virus samples in order to find out exactly how coronavirus is transmitted.

“There is no significant risk of contracting this disease when you shop. Serious outbreaks of infection have always been the result of people being closer to each other for a longer period of time, for example after parties in Ischgl, Austria. ”

“When we took samples from doorknobs, phones or toilets, it was impossible to culture the virus in the laboratory from those samples,” Streck said.

According to him, in order to really become infected, you need to be in contact with the infected for a long time. And you can pick up a coronavirus from the surface, provided that the infected person coughed into his hand, then touched, for example, a doorknob, after which another person immediately touched it, and then his own face.

“The results of this more detailed study can serve as a basis for recommendations for national exit strategies. It is important to obtain this data to ensure that decisions are made based on facts and not assumptions. The data should serve as the basis of information for the government so that they can then think about their next actions, ”says Streck.

The fact that COVID-19 is exclusively a droplet infection and cannot be transmitted by air was previously confirmed by the German virologist Christian Drosten. He stressed that the coronavirus is very sensitive to drying out, so the only way to get infected is to "inhale the drops."

Earlier, French scientists experimentally proved that coronavirus dies in 15 minutes at a temperature of 92 degrees Celsius.

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