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Coronavirus and nutrition: what you need to eat to strengthen immunity and improve health

The coronavirus pandemic, which is gaining momentum in the United States, has forced ever-busy people to slow down their constant rush and think about their health.

Photo: LifeWayKefir

Strengthening immunity and tips to prevent infection have become key topics in recent weeks. And if with the second everything is quite simple - wash your hands more often, avoid the crowds and observe quarantine, then with the first, many have more questions.

But in fact, with immunity, everything is also quite easy ...

"We are what we eat. All diseases begin in the intestines, ”said the ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates hundreds of years ago. “The fate of nations depends on the way they are fed,” the Frenchman Brillat-Savarin echoed in his book The Physiology of Taste, written in the XNUMXth century.

Centuries have passed, science has made more than one breakthrough since then, but this truth has remained unshakable: our nutrition is the basis of immunity.

To strengthen it, you need to use a variety of vitamins and minerals that are found in vegetables and fruits. But no less important are the probiotics contained in fermented milk products, in particular, in kefir.

Ella Salganik - homeopath, certified acupuncturist, specialist in auricular medicine and the founder of the Center for Functional Medicine Health Dimensions - recommends using kefir daily.

“The most important thing that we get when using kefir is the cultures or strains (scientific name) of beneficial bacteria. In our intestines live a huge number of different bacteria - "good" and "bad". And we need to make sure that the percentage of “good” bacteria is consistently higher than the percentage of “bad” bacteria. And the use of kefir is the best way to achieve this goal, ”Salganik explained.

What probiotics give

Once in the body, probiotics with the help of bacteria produce useful acids:

  1. Lactic acid - the main protector of the human body from pathogens (pathogenic bacteria, etc.). While our body can comfortably tolerate this acid, pathogens that often enter our body with food cannot multiply in a sour-milk environment. In addition, it is important in the formation of the acid-base balance of the body, as well as for the absorption of minerals in the intestinal tract.
  2. Butyric acid - this acid and its salts create a favorable environment in the intestines for the development of beneficial bacteria and an inhibitory environment for the development of pathogens, such as salmonella, E.coli, etc. It also contributes to the regulation of water and electrolyte balance in the intestine, regulates its motility, lowers blood sugar levels, and the general level of inflammatory processes in the body.

Thus, only two of these acids are able to tune our body so that it is able to suppress and repel pathogenic pathogens that have penetrated into it as much as possible.


Kefir is the most effective drink for providing the body with probiotics, because it contains more strains of beneficial bacteria than any other drinks. But not all yogurt is equally useful.

How to choose the right kefir

When choosing kefir, it is important to pay attention to such indicators:

  • the number of cultures of beneficial bacteria - the more, the better;
  • their level of activity - they must be alive and active because non-dead bacteria are unable to produce acids;
  • CFU - the ability of bacteria to form colonies, it is this way of their existence in the body that is the most effective.

Which brand should be preferred in the USA?

From the huge assortment of kefirs in the USA, attention should be paid to the LifeWay trademark, which outperforms competitors in several respects.

8 ounces kefir Lifeway contain 12 cultures of beneficial bacteria. That's a lot - other companies only have 4 cultures. Moreover, in LifeWay kefirs, all these cultures are alive and active, which ensures the maximum effectiveness of their positive effect on the body.

In 8 ounces of LifeWay kefir, there are 25-30 billion CFU - units that can form colonies of beneficial bacteria in our intestines, and this is a very high figure.

Infographic: LifeWay

A pleasant and useful bonus - these kefirs also contain vitamin D and amino acids, which contributes to the overall strengthening of immunity, improvement of digestion and bone health.

Many institutions choose kefir Lifeway as one of the ways to maintain health and increase immunity during this difficult time. Therefore, the company decided to support those who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus by providing their products free of charge to doctors, police officers, as well as older people who are at increased risk in case of infection.

Photo: LifeWayKefir

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address: 6431 West Oakton St., Morton Grove, IL 60053

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