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'Korolev was one of the best': Elon Musk talked with the grandson of the Soviet academician

American engineer and inventor Ilon Musk talked with the grandson of academician and designer of space systems Sergey Korolev, calling him one of the best. Musk wrote about this in Twitter, Said "LIGA.Novosti".

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“I spoke to the Queen family today. He was one of the best, ”said Elon Musk.

Korolev’s grandson, Andrei, said that Musk had invited his family to visit SpaceX’s factories, as well as one of the next launches, as soon as air traffic resumed. The Korolev family in response invited the entrepreneur to Moscow, writes "Voice of America".

The grandson of the Soviet scientist called Mask “a pleasant, very cheerful and positive person”, who “with great respect for the memory” of Sergei Korolev and considers him “one of the greatest engineers and outstanding people of his time.”

The meeting took place via video communication and it happened after Andrei Korolev congratulated Mask on the successful launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft with the crew into orbit of the Earth. During a 20-minute conversation, the interlocutors discussed the program of future flights to the moon.

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The Russian state corporation Roscosmos in response to the Mask tweet that Korolev was one of the best, wrotethat “he was the best”. Elon Musk emphasized the academician's Ukrainian origin by writing his last name in Ukrainian - “Korolov”.

Who is Sergey Korolev

Sergey Korolev is a well-known Ukrainian Soviet academician, designer of rocket and space systems. Born in Zhitomir and became one of the main creators of the USSR rocket and space technology, the founder of practical cosmonautics. Under his leadership, in 1957, the first artificial Earth satellite was launched, and in 1961, the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was sent into space.

In 1938, Korolev was arrested as a member of the counter-revolutionary Trotskyist organization, allegedly functioning inside the Missile Research Institute, as well as for braking in the delivery of new weapons. During interrogations, his jaw was broken, hitting a decanter on his cheekbone.

In the same year, the Queen was included in the list of persons subject to trial by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR. Subsequently, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, sent to the Gulag camps in Kolyma.

Two years later, the case was reviewed: the term was reduced to eight years, replacing the camp with the TsKB-29 Experimental Design Bureau - the so-called Tupolev sharashka. There, Korolyov, in semi-prison conditions, worked on a long-range missile project, and in 1942 the academician was transferred to a “sharashka” in Kazan to work on the creation of rocket engines. The Queen was released only in the summer of 1944.

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