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Twitter and Facebook rival: Trump launches his own 'social network of truth'

45th US President Donald Trump announced that he is launching his own social network called TRUTH Social ("social truth" or "social network of truth"). It will be owned by Trump's Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), writes with the BBC.

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Trump has been blocked on all major social media after his supporters stormed the Washington, DC building in January.

He said that with the help of his new social network he will fight the monopoly of the largest technology companies and large social networks, which he accuses of censoring and suppressing the views of the opposition in the United States.

“We live in a world where the Taliban are heavily represented on Twitter - and at the same time your beloved American president has been stripped of his voice,” Trump wrote.

It is expected that TRUTH Social will start working in November, but at the first stages it will be possible to register there only by inviting other users.

A full-fledged "social network of truth" will begin to function already at the beginning of 2022. TMTG also announced its intention to launch a paid streaming service.

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Earlier this year, Trump launched his own website, From the Desk of Donald J Trump, which was essentially his personal blog. But a month after the launch, the site stopped working.

Subsequently, Trump's senior adviser Jason Miller explained that the blog was "just an addition to broader plans," including social media.

New Facebook

Some experts believe that the Trump team is only trying to create the impression of an important event.

But so far, there is no evidence that Trump already has a platform that actually works. If he wants to create a social network that can compete with Twitter or Facebook, he will not succeed, according to James Clayton, the BBC's technology correspondent for North America.

The social network is likely to be too politicized, which is why it is unlikely to become a platform where you can freely exchange various ideas, like on Twitter, or a place for the whole family, like on Facebook.

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But what TRUTH Social can really become is a more successful version of other so-called “free expression” platforms such as Parler or Gab.

Donald Trump has long wanted to regain the internet podium.

But to be heard, he will have to fight to return to the social networks themselves, and this will not happen anytime soon, emphasizes James Clayton.

Last winter "Social network for Trump supporters" called Parler - a microblogging service that declared "freedom of speech".

But in the end, Parler was associated with Russia, although this was denied on the social network itself. On January 11, Parler became unavailable to its users due to the fact that the Internet giant Amazon decided to deny it hosting.

And then the management of the social network fired the executive director of the platform, John Matke, who was associated with Russia. Parler resumed operations in February. It now has several million active users.

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In the U.S. Donald Trump social network
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