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Republican congresswoman pissed off Democrats and Jews in the United States: what she did

The story of Republican Party member Marjorie Taylor Green on social media opens a window into a false reality based on conspiracy theory in which Donald Trump won the election, shootings in schools were fake, and the 11/2018 attacks were also fake. And the XNUMX California wildfires were caused by Jewish space lasers. More details about this extraordinary personality and its reality were told by the publication Global News.

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The GOP faces mounting pressure to curb Georgia's newcomer to the legislature as its long history of supporting debunked conspiracy theories and extreme threats on social media continues to surface.

Green called the mass shootings "a lie", ridiculed children who were victims of shootings, called for the execution of Democrats and condemned the November 3 elections, said they were rigged, even though they were the ones that brought her to power. She also described the QAnon conspiracy theory as something "worth listening to."

Green's past and present beliefs have made her a target of fear, ridicule, and anxiety in Congress, especially given her calls to kill some of her new colleagues.

The latest incident is linked to one of Green's Facebook posts from 2018, in which she made a bizarre claim that a wealthy Jewish family had used a supervillain's satellite to start a devastating fire in California.

This was first reported by Media Matters for America, a liberal human rights watchdog group that examined Green's Facebook and Twitter story. The post was deleted, but the site took a screenshot for its report.

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In the post, Greene attempts to link the wildfires to an energy company, a railroad project, a satellite, and the Rothschilds - a wealthy Jewish family that has been the target of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories for over two centuries.

"There are too many coincidences to ignore," she wrote in a post that takes some major logical leaps to connect all the dots. She also claimed that people saw "lasers or blue beams of light that cause fires."

This week, social media users ridiculed Green for the post, and one contributor joked, "Why do they call this a Jewish space laser, it's the Death Star of David."

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) rebuked Greene for conspiracy theories. “We are offended and shocked by her comments and her actions,” RJC said. "They are far beyond the mainstream of the GOP, and the RJC is working closely with the GOP leadership on the next steps on this matter."

But space lasers are just the tip of the iceberg. Greene was elected as Georgia's 14th District Representative last November. She was an active supporter of far-right conspiracy theories prior to her election and continued to promote many of these beliefs, including QAnon.

QAnon is an extremist conspiracy theory that believes Donald Trump was a warrior of God who secretly worked to track down pedophile cannibals in the US government, Hollywood and the Democratic Party. The group was well represented at the January 6 U.S. Capitol riots and expected Trump to remain in power for a second term. The FBI has identified this group as an internal terrorist threat.

However, Greene has endorsed many of the QAnon beliefs since her election, including the false claim that Trump lost due to election fraud.

Greene has also supported several conspiracy theories that have tried to discredit past mass shootings, most notably the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017 and the school shootings in Parkland, Florida and Newtown, Connecticut.

One of the videos of Green's antics shows her pursuing David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland shooting, in an attempt to prove her conspiracy theory about the shooting. The video was filmed in March 2019 and later posted on Green's own YouTube page.

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Democrats and several survivors of the shootings were outraged after the Republicans nominated Greene as a member of the Congressional education committee.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Green's appointment "an absolutely horrible decision."

“By appointing her to the education committee when she made fun of the killing of young children in those schools! What were they thinking about? " Pelosi wondered.

Pelosi also cited Greene's post advocating violence against Democrats.

Green said it was time for Pelosi to be shot in the head in a 2019 commentary. CNN was able to find an online conversation in which Greene seemed to be encouraging whoever wanted to hang President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“The scene is being prepared,” she wrote in April 2018. - Players are put in place. We must be patient. This should be done ideally, otherwise the liberal judges will let them go. "

Greene criticized CNN but did not deny her past comments. Instead, she stressed that the messages were made before she ran for office. Greene claimed that she has "teams of people" running her social media pages.

“People liked a lot of the posts,” she wrote. - Many posts have been published. Some did not reflect my views. "

On Wednesday, January 27, Greene kicked a reporter from the Georgia City Hall for trying to inquire about her social media posts. A Green Office spokesman said in a statement: “It was a voter meeting. Not a press conference. "

House Republican spokesman Kevin McCarthy called Green's messages "deeply troubling" and said McCarthy "plans to talk about them."

Republican National Committee chairman Ronna McDaniel called the reports "disgusting" and said they "have no place in our party." McDaniel also spoke out against QAnon in general.

“I think QAnon is outside the box. In my opinion, this is dangerous. We must be sparing and say we cannot support groups that initiate violence, ”McDaniel said.

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Rep. Corey Bush also accused Green of bullying her in the halls of the Capitol. Greene fired back, calling Bush "the leader of the St. Louis terrorist gang Black Lives Matter" and claiming that Corey was the aggressor, not her.

Bush announced on January 29 that she would move her office away from Green's office over a dispute over Green refusing to wear a face mask. CNN.

The fallout from the altercation prompted Nancy Pelosi to take the extraordinary step of ordering the relocation of Bush's office, the latest sign of growing tensions between the two parties following the deadly Capitol Hill riots.

“Marjorie Taylor Green walks without a mask. She criticizes me and others on social media. I am moving my office away from her office for the safety of my team, ”wrote Bush.

Green spokesman Nick Dyer responded to Bush's accusation: “Congressman Bush is actually the instigator, and it's on tape. We will release a video soon. "

Green's office tweeted a short video of a congressman talking on the phone and someone in the background yelling at her to put on a mask.

Bush did not dispute the fact that she confronted Green and started a fight. Bush repeatedly asked Green to wear the mask, for which Green and her staff criticized Bush on an unrelated issue. Bush also referred to a tweet directed personally against Congresswoman Bush.

Both congressmen's offices are currently on the same floor of the Longworth office building, but not adjacent to where many of the House's offices are located. Democrat Ilhan Omar tweeted that Green's actions are tantamount to a "red flag," and the transfer of Bush's office "does not reduce the threat."

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"Imagine that you are going to work with an armed and hostile unstable colleague," Omar wrote.

However, removing a member from Congress requires two-thirds of the House to vote to remove him.

Republicans control just under half of the seats in the House of Representatives, and the GOP leadership has yet to take any steps to rebuk Green for her comments or previous posts.

The offices for members are traditionally allocated through the apartment lottery system, which takes place in November of the election year, as directed by the House Management Committee.

Bush said she would support Jimmy Gomez, a California Democrat, to expel Green from Congress based on her social media activity.

Green's social media accounts were reportedly cleared of almost everything prior to her running.

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