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Desyatnikov's music and Panchishin's exhibition: how to spend a weekend in New York (November 8-10)

Collage: ForumDaily

What: Christmas Market at Bryant Park

When: Friday-Sunday, November 8-10.

Where: Bryant Park, West 40th Street New York, NY 10036

More: The annual traditional Christmas fair in Bryant Park is one of the most beloved events of New Yorkers and visitors to the city.

For visitors to the fair will work: a huge free skating rink (bring your skates or rent for a fee), more than a hundred shops with gifts, souvenirs, various festive products and food. Guests are also waiting for meetings with Santa, fireworks, music shows, a variety of games, contests and much more.

Cost: Free.

What: Cider week

Фото: Depositphotos

When: Friday-Sunday, November 8-10.

Where: List of participating institutions and event details - by link.

More: With the advent of the apple season, many people want to not only enjoy the fruit itself, but also sip a drink from it. Therefore, in New York every autumn they devote a whole week to this low-alcohol drink. This year, Cider Week will be held from 8 to 17 November.

During the event, more than 30 bars and restaurants of the city will offer everyone a variety of cider tastings, snacks, as well as share interesting stories and secrets of making this drink. Most events are free, but some establishments provide paid tasting packages.

Cost: Free.

What: Exhibition of works by Lesya Panchishin

When: Friday-Sunday, November 8-10.

Where: 2 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075

More: The young 26-year-old artist, photographer and video maker graduated from Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts. Continuing his education at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, he built up a reputation as creative videos for many Ukrainian groups, including Piccardian Third, To Down, Panchyshyn, Antibodies, Vivienne Mort, and Rock-H. He has a lot of group and personal exhibitions.

The artist dedicates the Portal exhibition to human self-identification. In his works, he uses symbols that appeal to the subconscious, go beyond time and place. His paintings are designed to free a person from the burden of the past and the problems of the present.

Cost: $ 0-8.

What: Charity concert of Ukrainian violinist

Фото: Depositphotos

When: Friday, November 8, with 19: 00.

Where: Holy Trinity Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church, 730 Washington Ave, Carnegie, PA 15106

More: A participant in the talent show “Ukraine has Talent”, Oleksandr Bozhik organizes a charity concert - an incendiary performance and an unforgettable enchanting action.

All funds raised will go to the treatment and rehabilitation of seriously injured in the war in eastern Ukraine.

Come and open your hearts, feel the joy of involvement in a great cause.

Cost: Free.

What: Exhibition of installations of cans

When: Friday-Sunday, November 8-10.

Where: Brookfield Place 230 Vesey St New York 10281

More: For the 27 year in a row in New York, competitions have been held between artists and architects who create pop art installations using more than 120 000 cans.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to not only see the works that were planned for months and were built in one night, but also vote for their favorite creative work.

Cost: Free.

What: Dance lesson in Ukrainian

Фото: Depositphotos

When: Friday, November 8, with 19: 00.

Where: Ukrainian Cinema in New York, 136 second ave, New York 10003

More: ZEUS - artist, dancer, teacher, spiritual practitioner, researcher and guide. He arranges a free dance lesson for everyone. On it you can:

  • get to know yourself and your body closer;
  • immerse yourself as much as possible at the moment “here and now”;
  • perhaps for the first time to observe yourself;
  • feel your blocks and clamps;
  • relax and be a child;
  • mark areas of life that need to be worked out or improved;
  • ask personal questions to the teacher;
  • have a good and positive time and return home with new, interesting thoughts and emotions.

Cost: Free.

What: Workshop on Pushkin's work in Russian

When: Saturday, November 9, with 14: 30.

Where: New Utrecht Library 1743 86th St. at Bay 17th St. Brooklyn, NY 11214

More: The Brooklyn Public Library invites everyone to meet with musicologist Marina Katseva, the official representative of the Pushkin Society of America in Boston.

In the program of the meeting:

  • The history of the creation of the Pushkin poem "Bakhchisarai Fountain".
  • The life of a poem in music for two centuries.
  • A story about the find of the clavier of the unknown opera “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai” (1899) by composer A.A. Ilyinsky, acquaintance with the music of the opera (in the recording), the history of its creation and the fate of the author of the opera.
  • A story about the friendship of two great contemporaries rarely mentioned in Pushkinistics - A. Pushkin and K. Bryullov, who created in memory of the poet a picturesque masterpiece "The Bakhchisarai Fountain"

Cost: Free.

What: Exhibition of works by Elena Ilyina

Photo provided by the organizers of the exhibition

When: Saturday, November 9, with 16: 00.

Where: 131 Chrystie Street, New York, New York 10002

More: This is the debut exhibition of immigrant artist Elena Ilyina.

Elena was born in the city of Kalinin (Russia), successfully graduated from the Medical Institute and spent all her life doing her favorite job. She has two successful adult sons, grandchildren, a friendly large family.

Ilyina moved to the USA 20 years ago, went through all stages of immigration, learned a lot from scratch, while already in the States. A woman all her life dreamed of learning to draw. And then one day at Christmas, the son gave Elena an easel and said that you should not wait long - you just need to take and create.

According to Ilyina, along with drawing, she discovered “a new world, a whole planet”, and now she wants to share this happiness with others.

To register for the event, call: 347 922 4884

Cost: Free.

What: Classical concert of Ukrainian musicians

When: Saturday, November 9, with 19: 30.

Where: Ukrainian Institute of America 2 East 79th Street New York, NY 10075

More: Guests will enjoy an unforgettable concert of classical music performed by Ukrainian musicians such as Kristina Dahl, Solomiya Ivakhiv and others. They will perform compositions by world famous composers.

Cost: $ 10-30.

What: Concert of Jeffrey Palmer and Irena Portenko

When: Sunday, November 10, with 15: 00.

Where: Saint John's In the Village 218 West 11th Street New York, NY 10014

More: Jeffrey Palmer and Irena Portenko are happy to present New York listeners their musical program, which was recognized this summer at the Music in the Alps festival in Austria.

In addition to the selected works of the outstanding “son of Austria,” Franz Schubert, this rich, multi-style program is replete with music by Handel, Debussy, Schumann, as well as Björk, Juan Rouault and new arrangements of traditional folk melodies.

Guests will enjoy an evening in the "hugg" style - a cozy multicultural study through the music of an ideological concept, indicating a sense of coziness and comfortable communication with feelings of well-being and satisfaction ..

Cost: $ 25.

What: Concert of music by Leonid Desyatnikov

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

When: Sunday, November 10, with 19: 30.

Where: Weill Recital Hall, 154 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

More: M.ART presents a music concert of one of the most significant and widely performed Russian composers - Leonid Desyatnikov. On November 10, at the famous Carnegie Hall stage, an ensemble of contemporary Russian academic music stars, led by pianist Alexei Goribol, will perform New York's first preludes from the Piano Songs of Bukovina, on which Alexei Ratmansky's new ballet of the same name is staged at the American Ballet Theater (ABT). Also at the evening, Desyatnikov’s vocal compositions “Love and Life of the Poet” to avant-garde poems by Oleinikov and Kharms will be heard.

Desyatnikov is the author of music for dozens of popular Russian films, as well as for many ballets by Alexei Ratmansky staged at the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater (ABT), composer of the opera Rosenthal’s Children on the libretto by Vladimir Sorokin and arranger of works by Astor Piazzolla.

M.ART - A non-profit non-governmental project promoting modern Russian culture in the UK, Israel and the USA.


1 office:

  • 6 Preludes from the Piano Cycle “Bukovina Songs” (2017)
  • Variations on Finding a Home - for cello and piano (1990)
  • "Like an old organ grinder ..." - for violin and piano (1997)
  • 8 Preludes from the Piano Cycle “Bukovina Songs” (2017)

2 office:

  • "On the canvas of Astor" - for violin, viola, cello and piano (1999)
  • “Love and Life of a Poet” - vocal cycle to verses by Nikolai Oleinikov and Daniil Kharms for tenor and piano (1989):
  • Message approving hair cutting (N. Oleinikov)
  • The Old Woman (D. Harms)
  • Fly (N. Oleinikov)
  • The constancy of fun and mud (D. Harms)
  • Beetle (rhapsody, N. Oleinikov)
  • Passacalia (D. Harms)
  • And I ... (D. Harms)


  • Alexey Goribol - piano
  • Taras Prisyajnyuk - tenor (youth program of the Bolshoi Theater)
  • Maria Yudenich - violin
  • Timofeus Petrin - cello
  • Gonzalo Rodriguez - viola

Cost: From $ 45.

In addition, interesting events for each day of the week can be found in our calendar. Come, learn, share with friends.

Before the visit, check the organizers website for details and location of the event, as they may vary.

Keep us informed about what is happening in your city. Send information about events for the Russian-speaking diaspora to the mail

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