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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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The company will pay $ 130 000 for using your facial features when creating robots

An excellent chance to literally become the face of a company - a technology company that is looking for a suitable person whose facial features they can use to create a robot.

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The robots that will be produced by the company are created to help older people. Therefore, it is especially important to choose the “suitable” person, say representatives of the company. And while it may sound like the plot of a bad sci-fi movie, the company will pay the chosen candidate about $130 for the privilege, writes New York Post.

A private-funded firm decided to remain anonymous due to the “secretive nature” of the project, but they hired a recruiter from Geomiq, a robotics company, to find the right person for the job. Ideal candidates should have a “kind and friendly face” for the prototype, in accordance with recruitment recommendations.

“This is a unique opportunity for the right person; Let’s hope we can find them,” said a Geomiq representative.

The lucky winner of this peculiar competition will be extremely lucky: his face will be "cloned" on thousands of virtual friends - somewhat reminiscent of the disturbing Will Smith film "I, Robot", made in 2004. In addition, the lucky winner will, of course, receive money.

The project was in development for 5 years - that's all the creators said. It is also known that the robotic doubles will hit the production line next year and will be “readily available to the public” once work on them is completed.

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On the app's page, Geomiq acknowledges that allowing your face to be used by an anonymous company is a "potentially extremely important decision."

The idea of ​​cloning faces provoked sincerity among skeptics on social networks, many of which compared it to bad anti-utopian films. Some wondered why the supposedly tech-savvy robotics company generally needs a human face and can't just save money using an online random person generator.

“Have these people ever heard of GAN? one technician asked on Twitter. “There are already data sets with realistic (but not real) faces of 100 thousand”

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