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A company in the US will pay you thousands of dollars for a beach holiday: how to apply for a dream job website. Hotel Booking is looking for a "retro beach motelier" who will be paid $15 to visit the company's "top 000 retro beach motels" in the US this summer, reports CNBC.


The money includes a $10 travel allowance - hotels scattered across the country, from Florida and Maine to Washington state and southern California - and a $000 "salary" to spend on whatever you like on your travels. .

On the subject: Delightful beach towns in the USA where you can relax in a relaxed atmosphere with stunning views of the coast announces that the winner of the competition will also be provided with sunscreen, umbrellas, vintage sunglasses, a refrigerator, a solar-powered AM/FM radio and a retro Polaroid camera. The only requirement for the winner is to use this camera to document the trip "for future generations".

To apply, you will need to complete online application form, which asks for your Instagram handle and asks questions like "If you traveled back in time to the 50s, who would you spend your beach vacation with?" and “Describe why a retro beachfront motel is the perfect place for you.”

The company says it will select a winner based on three metrics: creativity and originality, presentation quality, and relevance to the theme.

The Winning Traveler Itinerary includes old-school boutique motels across the country such as The Pearl Hotel in San Diego and Montauk Beach House on Long Island, New York. The motels are from's recent ranking of the top 10 "retro beach motels" in the US, based on factors such as average guest rating, motel design, cost, and location.

Their commonality is a combination of modern amenities and retro aesthetics. For example, the restored Vagabond Hotel in Miami, originally opened in 1953, still retains many of the original 1950s kitsch design and a flamboyant poolside tiki bar.

“These timeless motels are not only affordable, but will take beachgoers – literally and figuratively – back in time to truly unwind and unwind,” said spokeswoman Melissa Domaine.

According to the company, these small boutique hotels can be more affordable than the average luxury mega hotel. And with travel on the rise along with high gas prices and record inflation, it only makes sense that anyone booking a beach holiday wants to save money whenever they can.

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Entries close on August 5th and plans to notify the winner by August 12th to give you some time to enjoy the beach before the end of the summer. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to participate.

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