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The company has created backpacks that every student can paint to their own taste.

Imagine a world where an ordinary backpack becomes a canvas for a child's imagination and a learning tool. This is exactly the world Dommei has created. The publication told more about unusual backpacks Up Worthy.

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Backpacks from Dommei immerse a child in the world of space, oceans, dinosaurs and more. In addition, they help develop imagination and make a great gift.

Dommei concept

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dommei decided to start producing backpacks that can also be used as entertainment. At the same time, it is also a canvas for realizing ideas.

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The brand encourages children and adults to be creative by turning self-expression into an interactive adventure. Combining practicality with play, Dommei backpacks are more than just storage, they're a true canvas.

Space Domepak Kit

This backpack is ideal for those who are interested in space. Space Domepak comes complete with themed items and toys.

This set encourages curiosity, learning and creativity, and brings outer space a little closer. This is not just a backpack, but a whole galaxy of possibilities.

Ocean Domepack Kit

This backpack is filled with nautical-themed toys, a colorful display board, and interaction tools.

Children discover and study mysterious marine species, instilling in them a love of the oceans and their inhabitants. It is a hands-on experience to discover the wonders of the ocean and ignite a wave of curiosity and concern for the aquatic world.

Dinosaur Domepak Kit

Filled with dinosaur-themed toys, a prehistoric display board, and hands-on learning tools, it will transport anyone to the ancient world where dinosaurs roamed.

This set makes learning about these creatures fun and accessible and sparks an interest in natural history. This is not just a journey into the past, it is an exploration of a world that once existed.

Combo Domepak Kit

This is the chameleon of the backpack world. In the set you will find a little bit of everything from all types of backpacks.

Each set features toys with different themes, making it versatile. Therefore, the child will be able to change the appearance of his backpack depending on his mood and what he likes more today.

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Plus Domepak Kit

You can call it a DIY backpack, because while other versions included toys on a specific theme, here you can find general toys and a canvas to create your own design.

This backpack is ideal for developing creativity and imagination, because a child is not limited to space or the ocean - he can draw anything.

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