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Texas-based company offers money and leave to employees who have adopted a pet from a shelter

The CEO of a Texas-based company designed a guide to help employees feel less alone when working remotely. Fox Business.

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The Texas insurance company is offering its employees an incredible new benefit - a scholarship and vacation to care for a new pet.

According to the site, Zebra, which bills itself as "the nation's leading insurance comparison site," will cover "$ 300 per year for employees who adopt a new cat or dog in their family."

In addition to paying the bill, the company encourages employees to take special “maternity leave” “to get to know their new pet”.

“I know that this kind of communication can make a huge difference to the quality of life,” said Zebra CEO Keith Melnik.

On the subject: Quarantine changed the life of dogs: Americans massively disassemble animals from shelters

He designed a guide to help employees feel less lonely when working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

It looks like politics is paying dividends to the firm's fur friends.

“I am delighted that my company is supporting this initiative,” said Maribeliz Ortiz, Zebra's Quality Assurance Coordinator. She took advantage of the perks to bring in a miniature long-haired dachshund named Niko.

Meanwhile, the cash surcharge allowed senior manager Dan Kuzhanek to fulfill his dream of a second dog: he saved a dog named Romy from a local shelter.

Let's hope that the new owners do not spoil their pets too much, so that they are not afraid of separation when the quarantine is lifted.

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