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Who will not be affected by the proposed changes in issuing green cards and US visas

Those who wish to immigrate to the United States or visit the country as tourists must prove that they are able to support themselves financially and will not rely on the social assistance program of the US government. But this requirement does not apply to all categories, writes Voice of America with reference to new rule US Department of Homeland Security (Department of Homeland Security).

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Admission criteria in the United States relate to both visa applicants and individuals seeking to change their residence status in America.

In a vast documentThe rule that details, among other things, states that foreigners who seek to change their residence status, visa category or apply for a residence permit in the United States must demonstrate that they are not likely to need state guardianship (public charge - ed.), except for that category of citizens who fall under the exception defined by Conress USA.

“The Department of Homeland Security proposes to require that all foreigners who seek to extend the validity of a visa or change status, demonstrate that they did not receive, do not receive, and most likely will not need social assistance,” says a document released by the government USA.

It is noted that the rule does not affect refugees and other categories of immigrants.

“According to the law, this rule will not affect refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable categories,” the document says.

“The Department will also not take into account the benefits received by foreigners who are serving in the military or serving in the First Line of the US Armed Forces, or the wives, husbands and children of US military personnel. In addition, the Department will not consider benefits related to natural disasters, emergency medical care, benefits received by children of foreign citizens of the United States, and medical benefits (Medicaid) received by children of US citizens and applicants for adoption by US citizens, ”- said in a statement.

Under current US law (Section 212 (a) (4) of the Immigration and Citizenship Act), admission to the US may be denied to persons who, in the opinion of the consul, when considering a visa application, or in the opinion of the US Department of Justice) on the admission or change of status, with a high probability may become a dependent of the state (to demand state custody during his stay in the USA - ed.).

When making an appropriate decision, a number of factors are taken into account, including: age, health, marital status, property and financial status, education and skills, etc.

According to the new rule, the government will analyze the likelihood that immigrants or US visitors will use the food assistance program (SNAP, or the so-called food stamps), temporary cash assistance for needy families (TANF, or welfare), and medical insurance - Medicaid. and Medicare Part D (prescription drug subsidies). It is not yet decided whether the rule will apply to those who have ever received subsidized CHIP child health insurance. However, it applies to those who have used the Affordable Care Act or received the Earned Income Tax Credit, a tax credit for low- and middle-income families.

Recall the intention to tighten the rules for issuing green cards and US visas to the Trump administration said 24 September, noting that immigration to the country will be denied to those who claim to receive federal benefits or already receive them.

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