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When is the best time to come to Yellowstone, and for what

A visit to Yellowstone - the first national park in the world - gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy stunning natural beauty, see hot springs and hundreds of geysers, as well as learn the history of both the park itself and its inhabitants. Edition Travel and Leisure gathered some factors to consider when planning a visit to Yellowstone National Park.

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The cheapest days to visit the park

The cheapest flights to the nearest major airport in Jackson Hole, Wy., Can be found between October and February. At this time, the park has the lowest attendance. Housing prices fall after Labor Day, when the summer holidays are over, and the children returned to school.

Keep in mind that roads begin to close at the end of September or October, depending on the weather, so be sure to consider this fact when planning a trip.

Better time to escape the crowd

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Although many people are hesitant to plan outdoor recreation in the winter, sometimes this can be most helpful. When winter comes to Yellowstone National Park and the mountain landscape is covered with snow, the most popular attractions can be visited without a crowd.

The best time to observe wildlife in Yellowstone

Despite the fact that wildlife in the park can be observed all year round, the available view varies from season to season.

March and April are the best months for bear watching, and the winter months are best for wolves and bighorn sheep. Deer, elk, bison and mountain goats can be seen during the summer months - the busiest season in the park.

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Autumn, on the other hand, is a great time to see bear, elk and predators, and enjoy the mild weather. Remember to maintain a safe distance when observing wildlife, both for your own safety and for the health of the animals.

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The best time for photos in Yellowstone

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If you think that for a good shot you just need to come to the national park, then you are mistaken. At the peak of the season in the frame will definitely be other people. Travelers wishing to photograph Yellowstone should come here in the winter. At this time, get a fabulous photo of snowfall and a couple that hits from hot springs and geysers.

The best weather to visit the park

Because of the highlands, the weather in Yellowstone is unpredictable all year round. Spring and autumn maxima range from -1 to + 15 Celsius, with the minimum values ​​sometimes reaching minus 17 Celsius. Summer highs typically range from 21 to 26 degrees of heat.

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As in all mountainous areas, the temperature can vary greatly depending on the height. Average rainfall is fairly steady throughout all seasons, so travelers do not need to worry about the rainy season.

Worst time to visit Yellowstone

If you do not plan on skiing, winter can be one of the most unfortunate times of the year to visit Yellowstone, when temperatures rarely exceed minus 6 Celsius.

If you just want to chat with other travelers, winter can be a great option.

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