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Interview Code of Conduct: What Not to Tell a Recruiter

To make a good first impression in an interview, a job seeker should refrain from mentioning certain topics in a first meeting with a potential employer. Forbes.

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Traditional career advice usually focuses on what a candidate should say in an interview, but often overlooks what questions to avoid.

Interviewers want candidates to be interested in the company and the job they are applying for. Since thousands of people have been laid off lately, hiring managers understand that job hunters will be spreading their resumes everywhere to get a job. They may not care about the organization, its mission, corporate culture, products and services, but simply want to work.

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During the interview, be sure to demonstrate that you have taken the time and effort to learn about the organization, its reputation, financial position, management team, and other factors. Doing this kind of work shows that you want to work for the company and have connections with it.

Nothing good will come of it if you lack basic knowledge about the job and the company. Interviewers will assume that you don't care if you get a job here or at any other firm.

You must refrain from making negative comments about your former employer or indecent jokes. Avoid immediately demanding an accurate salary, vacation and personal time off, and how quickly you get a raise. If you're late for a meeting and don't apologize or ask the interviewer to go back to your resume if they have questions about your past experience, nothing good will come of it. You should not be rude to the staff when registering for an interview, as this will definitely reach out to the hiring staff.

Fawn on the interviewer

At the meeting, take the lead by saying, “Thank you for inviting me for an interview. I am very glad to be here. I read a lot about your firm, talked to people who previously worked here and bought some of your products to test them. This way, the interviewer will be impressed by your homework and interest in the company.

Although you want to know everything about compensation and benefits, save it for later. The main thing is to build a relationship with the interviewer and demonstrate that you have the necessary skills, education and experience. Toward the end of the meeting, you can delve into salary, bonus, position, vacation policy, and benefits.

If you show a lack of knowledge about what the company does, the interviewer will decide that at least you could spend a reasonable amount of time researching the company before the interview. This indicates that you are not really showing any interest or intellectual curiosity. You don't need to be an expert on the firm, citing their financial statements and the names of all the people on the board of directors, but you do need to know a little about the company's products and services.

Don't relax

You can be friendly, but don't get too warm. Sometimes the interview goes very well and turns from a cold, stuffy interrogation into a cordial, friendly conversation. Sometimes friendly conversation turns into familiarity. Then it's easy to get carried away. Without realizing it, you let your guard down, swear, say something politically incorrect, or make an obscene joke. Don't fall into the trap. The interviewer may see you as a nice person to have dinner with, but not as a reliable and tactful employee.

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Avoid asking very personal and aggressive questions. In the first interview, you want to showcase your skills and abilities.

Say only good things about your former employer and colleagues

Your ex-boss may be the Devil incarnate and your colleagues empty gossip, but don't tell interviewers that. If you speak badly about your past company (even if it's true), you will be seen as unhappy and as someone who talks about others behind their backs, which means you can't be trusted. The interviewer will think that you will also speak badly about them. In addition, they may believe that you are the problem and that it is your fault, not your previous boss or co-workers.

Use your common sense and be polite

When asked about your experience or skills, never say, "It's on my resume." It's a strange quirk in the sense that a person feels so wonderful that you should immediately know everything about him. This twisted logic has no end. Should an interviewer hire you just because your resume is impressive? No matter what level you are at, you must refine your experience and sell yourself.

You should never say, "Sorry, I'm late" or "I have to leave in half an hour." Sometimes things happen; however, being late for an important interview is considered impolite. If you know you are short on time, then you should have either told them ahead of time or rescheduled the interview to a later date.

Speak like a human, not like a corporate robot

You might think that speaking in corporate buzzwords, jargon, and clichés sounds important and knowledgeable, but to the person who is listening, it is painful. It's tiring to hear someone rant endlessly about how important they are. Worse, when the applicant sounds like a corporate robot, and not like a real person.

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Also, don't be rude to the front desk and other assistants. They will report your bad behavior to hiring managers. Managers will consider you a liar if you are kind to them, but cruel to subordinates. Also, it will be an insult to the people you were rude to if management hires you.

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