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Constitution Day US citizenship will get 45 thousands of immigrants

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will celebrate Constitution Day and US Citizenship Day, which is celebrated on September 17, more than 260 with naturalization ceremonies throughout the country.

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Ceremonies will be held from 14 to 23 September as part of the celebration of Constitution Week.

About 45 000 legal permanent residents of the country will receive American citizenship at these events.

A list of places where naturalization ceremonies will take place as part of the Constitution Week can be seen by link.

Over the past two fiscal years, an 25-percent increase in the number of naturalization applications has been observed at USCIS. In the 2018 fiscal year, USCIS intends to complete a review of 829 000 applications for naturalization, which is the highest annual figure since 2013. The average approval rate for such applications in 2013-2017 is 91%.

In response to a record workload due to an increase in the number of applications, USCIS implemented a number of procedural and operational reforms and hired additional staff to ensure timely processing of applications.

Every year, USCIS conducts naturalization from 700 000 to 780 000 new US citizens. In 2017, the agency naturalized more than 716 000 people.

To help candidates prepare for the US citizenship process, USCIS provides study materials and resources in Citizenship Resource Center. Applicants can practice passing citizenship tests using the USCIS mobile application: Civics Test Study Tools, which is currently available for download at Google Play и iTunes App Store.

Get more information about naturalization on the Service website., as well as subscribing to the social network departments: Twitter (@uscis) Instagram (/ uscis), YouTube (/ uscis) and Facebook (/uscis).

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