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North Korea launched balloons filled with sewage into South Korea

North Korea launched hundreds of balloons filled with sewage into South Korea. This is the strangest provocation by North Korea against its rival in recent years, reports CBS.

After a party, multicolor inflatable balls are dumped into a trash bag in the street. Bogota, San Jose de Bavaria, Colombia.

Photo: Malfondet

North Korea used about 260 balloons to drop garbage, possibly even propaganda leaflets, onto South Korea. South Korean authorities have urged residents of the country to stay at home if possible, reports with the BBC.

A few days ago, Pyongyang said it would retaliate against the "frequent scattering of leaflets and other trash" in border areas that South Korean activists have undertaken from time to time.

In May, one of their groups said it sent 20 balloons carrying anti-government leaflets and USB flash drives of Korean pop music and video clips across the border.

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“Piles of waste paper and dirt will soon be scattered across the border areas and interior of the Republic of Korea, and the Republic of Korea will experience first-hand the amount of effort required to remove them,” the deputy defense minister said on Sunday. DPRK Kim Kang Il.

Smelly balls

South Korea's military said about 260 North Korean balloons had been detected in various parts of the country as of noon on May 29. Military rapid response teams were raised to potentially clear the explosives. Officials advised civilians not to touch objects from North Korea, and to inform the military or police of their location.

Photos posted on social media showed white translucent balls attached to bags containing, among other things, toilet paper, dirty soil and batteries.

According to South Korea's Yonhap news agency, some of the fallen balloons "contained excrement based on their color and smell." It's hard to believe that the balloons were stuffed"scarce" for the DPRK feces, since in 2022 North Korea introduced for citizens excrement quotas. She is asking her citizens to use their own feces to produce manure as the country faces widespread food shortages.

South Korea's military condemned the act as a "clear violation of international law."

In Seoul, the military discovered what appeared to be a timer that was probably designed to explode garbage bags in the air. In the central province of South Chungcheong, two huge balloons containing an unexploded plastic bag filled with mud-like substances were spotted on the road.

Some North Korean balloons also contained suspected animal feces, according to local media reports, Agence France-Presse reported.

North and South Korea have used balloons in propaganda campaigns since the Korean War in the 1950s.

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In addition to propaganda leaflets, activists in South Korea filled balloons launched towards the North with money, newspapers and books banned in the DPRK, and even Choco Pies, a sweet cookie also banned in North Korea.

Hostility between the Koreas has reached its worst level in recent years as the pace of confrontation between the countries has intensified since 2022. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un demonstrates the DPRK's military potential, and South Korea conducts joint military exercises with the United States and Japan.

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