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Chinese scientists have discovered an antibody that can defeat all strains of coronavirus

Chinese microbiologists have found an antibody that can neutralize all strains of coronavirus writes Фокус.

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This conclusion was reached by a group of researchers led by Professor Deng Kai of Sun Yatsen University in Guangzhou.

The antibody was found in a blood sample of one of the residents of China, who had been ill with COVID-19 in a severe form. Scientists believe that based on this antibody, it is possible to create a universal vaccine against all strains of coronavirus.

The identified antibody was named 35B5, it affects the part of the virus that does not change during the mutation process. The 35B5 molecule penetrates into the part of the S-protein of the coronavirus unchanged after SARS-CoV-2.

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This particle neutralizes all strains, including the recently discovered Omicron in South Africa, as well as Delta. Scientists hope that thanks to the 35B5 antibody, it will be possible to develop a universal vaccine against all strains of coronavirus.

Microbiologists have already conducted an experiment on mice: the animals were infected with all possible strains of the coronavirus, and the 35B5 molecule protected them from death and severe lung damage.

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Moderna pharmaceutical company CEO Stephan Bansel argued that current coronavirus vaccines may not be effective against the new Omicron strain.

Moderna and Pfizer are already working on new vaccines that will protect against this strain. He was also preparing for the development of a vaccine against the Delta strain.

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