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China begins to vaccinate population against COVID-19 with untested vaccine: WHO approved

In China, tens of thousands of people have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 despite the fact that the vaccine has not yet been proven to be safe and effective. Why is this happening, the publication said "Voice of America".

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The World Health Organization (WHO) in July supported China's intention to vaccinate certain categories of people at a time when the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine is still ongoing, according to Beijing.

“After June 29, we consulted with the WHO office in China and received support and understanding from WHO,” said Chen Chongwei, a spokesman for the National Health Commission of China.

The first to receive the vaccine were people from the high-risk categories: medical representatives and people working in the border zone.

Vaccination of people at a time when the safety of the drug has not been proven has shocked medical industry experts around the world.

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However, WHO assistant director-general Mariangela Simao said countries have autonomy in the use of medicines in emergencies.

Earlier this month, WHO chief scientist Sumiya Suminatan said the emergency authorization to use the coronavirus vaccine is a "temporary solution." A long-term decision, she said, will be made after the completion of the third phase of the COVID-19 vaccine trial.

China is currently considering three possible vaccines, which are already in the third stage of trials in different countries. Beijing is using all three drugs in its emergency vaccination program.

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