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Cardboard palaces of America: why in the USA there are not such houses as in Russia

I drive through Maryland. This is half an hour from the US capital - Washington. Announcement near the road: townhouses under construction are sold, price - 600 thousand dollars. This is the cost of plywood houses, which many of our compatriots would call a “piggy house”. The frame of such a house is made of wooden bars, partitions are drywall, the floors, of course, are also wooden, the foundation is not a monolithic concrete slab, but often a tape. And all America lives in such houses, from Hawaii to Alaska, the author of the channel “Made in America” writes on Yandex Zen.

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Why do not Americans build “houses for centuries”, as is customary in Russia: from cinder blocks and bricks?

Do not consider the inhabitants of the United States near. After all, if this has been done for decades (!), Then it is done for some reason.

Yes, American houses are not of high quality, but at the same time they are neat and with a very convenient layout of the premises. The main task is to build inexpensively and quickly (it takes only 6 months to complete the construction together with the finish). But when you buy an apartment or house in the USA, it means that it is a house in which you can immediately live. Everything is connected and working - from the kitchen to the toilets and air conditioners. Real estate is never sold here without interior decoration and not connected communications.

On the subject: Features of American real estate, and why there are no fences

Americans are very mobile comrades. Throughout life, a family can move from house to house several times, and not because in Russia they have been living in a purchased “treshka” all their lives. They move from state to state after the best work and high salaries, they take larger houses and the area is more prestigious. They change housing because of the desire to send their children to the best schools. When children grow up and leave, old people often change houses for smaller ones so as not to pay a high property tax. The decision is quite reasonable - the children grew up, and the big house became unnecessary, it is hard to maintain. Therefore, no one seeks to thoroughly settle in one house for the rest of his life. It makes no sense to invest in expensive finishes, if you do not know how much you will actually live in this house.

With such a high frequency of moving, there can only be one reason for an American to make expensive repairs to his home: if the property is located in a prestigious area, and he knows that he can sell his house more expensive compared to competitors in the neighborhood.

Do not forget, housing is aging in its layout and architecture. It is much easier in 30-40 years to break a house from drywall and quickly build a modern one. Or, for example, to erect or break the inner wall in one day. It’s much harder to break a brick house. And more expensive.

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Now everyone will say that in Russia such housing cannot be built because of the cold climate. I hasten to please - the United States is no different. Do not believe the words that, they say, in America it is warm everywhere and there are no frosts. And the states of New York, Maine, Illinois? Frosts in winter to minus 30. But progress does not stand still. Look under the skin of the house and in the attic of these “cardboard palaces” - there is insulation everywhere. So the "minus" of such houses calmly stand.

Such houses can not stand 30 more years? Nonsense. And for 50 years stand and are sold. The owners simply do a “renovation” inside, upgrade their air conditioning systems, change kitchen cabinets and install modern appliances. You go inside - and for what you will not guess how old the house is.

On the subject: How in America to buy housing at auction

There is still one pleasant moment with the purchase of housing, which, for example, is not in Russia. If you buy a house from a builder and in the first year something has broken from your home appliances or the crack has gone somewhere, the repair is done at the expense of this builder. This is in the order of things. Even if the tree planted near the house has not taken root, call - they will plant a new one. The builders who sold you the house are responsible for all this.

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