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The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.
Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Coronavirus quarantine: how to usefully spend two weeks at home

In many countries of the world, including the countries of Europe and Israel, a rule has been established for everyone arriving from abroad: compulsory two-week quarantine at home. In the United States, quarantine is recommended for those arriving from areas with documented cases of illness, as well as after contact with an infected person and other precautions. Regardless of the reason you are in quarantine, you can and should conduct it with benefit. Here are some ideas from ForumDaily.

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Read and listen to books in English

Forced “vacation” is a good opportunity to devote time to self-education, study English and enjoy the fun of reading or listening to audiobooks.

  • Audio books are an excellent way to learn to understand English by ear, expand your vocabulary, and feel the melody of the language. And, of course, at the same time enjoy the very book, which constantly did not have enough time. We are offering to you 23 sites where you can freely download audiobooks in English.
  • Pay attention to the selection 9 sites with the best audio books in English for children and adults. All resources are free and do not require registration, so now there are no obstacles between you and your favorite work.
  • Visit 10 free online librarieswhere you can read directly on the site and download books in English. Moreover, you will get acquainted with a resource that will take care that you do not forget to read the next chapter of the work.
  • If you already have a good command of English, then books are the best way to expand your vocabulary. Especially if these books are really interesting. Dozens of literary critics and reviewers from The New York Times, Time, Newsday, Bookslut, The Millions and other publications have chosen the best novels they thinkpublished since January 1, 2000 in English.
  • One of them is a famous book fan; the other is a much larger fan of Fox News and cable television late into the night. Yet both President Trump and Barack Obama have one thing in common with regard to literature: their desire to recommend books to the general public. What presidents advise and how different are the proposals of Trump and Obama - read in our material.

Learn the language

The best courses are those that can be organized right at home. You can even chat with native speakers, which is not only useful, but also significantly brightens up your stay within the four walls.

  • Learning English is a rather time-consuming process and many cannot take the time to visit a tutor or even sit and study on their own. In such situations, they save mobile applications, they can be used during classes for any household chores.
  • Even if you live in the United States or another English-speaking country, but are afraid or embarrassed to ask friends to tell you or correct your mistakes, these 15 language social networks - just for you. Here you will communicate with strangers who have specially registered to help in learning English, so they will be happy to answer all your questions, tell you how to speak correctly and tell you about the mistakes you most often make.
  • How many meanings can an English word have? “Many, many, terribly many!”, The students will say and they will be right. However, as a rule, these values ​​will be close or similar, for example: dance - “dance” or “dance”, love - “love”, “love”, “love”, “beloved”. But there are also words in which the meanings diverge so much that they become opposite. Let us dwell on 10 most used ambiguous English words.
  • Many spend years, and still do not reach the desired level. A few units are fluent in English, although the benefits of this are obvious to everyone. Fortunately, using the right techniques can significantly speed up the learning process! The expert shared a list of 30 life hacking tipsthat I used when learning English. They are guaranteed to improve your language in the shortest possible time.

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Watch movies, TV shows and TV shows

The most familiar and enjoyable activity for many busy people is relaxing in front of a TV screen, computer or mobile device with your favorite show, a new episode of a popular TV series or a feature film. Quarantine - time to devote yourself to fascinating stories!

  • Modern streaming services allow you to watch movies and TV shows almost anywhere. But this can be expensive, since they usually require monthly subscriptions. Fortunately, you have other options. Here 13 streaming services and websites, watching movies, TV shows and programs on which will not cost a cent.
  • One of the basics of knowing the English language - listening to it is better to train while watching English-language films. You should start with those films that you have already seen in your native language. For beginners, cartoons with simple vocabulary, for example, the work of Pixar, are perfect. Do not forget about the subtitles, but let them be in English, otherwise all the benefits of watching a movie will come to naught. We offer you to pay attention to selection of paintings by language proficiency - everyone will like it!

Prepare taxes

Maybe not the most exciting and enjoyable, but definitely useful activity, because April 15th is already close.

  • We will not pretend that taxes are fun. Taxes are a burden. But for most people, it’s not so difficult to put their tax affairs in order. What to do first? What is the most important thing to consider? Here instructions on how to file a tax return without help.
  • Planning ahead can make the preparation of your tax documents a little easier. Tax professionals and other financial experts have compiled a list of everything need to do nowin order to have time to file a declaration by April 15th without any problems.
  • Everyone knows that wages are taxed by the federal government, but Uncle Sam has a far-reaching definition of taxable income. It covers numerous types of earnings. Many people do not even imagine that they are subject to federal income tax. Talk about several types of taxable incomethat may come as a surprise.
  • The idea of ​​delaying filing your tax return until the April 15th deadline may seem tempting, but if you put it off until the last moment and make a mistake, the delay can be costly later. It may take the IRS at least 4 to 6 weeks to notify you by mail that you need to respond and correct your mistake. Better take care of it now. 7 mistakes to avoid - in our material.


Did you know that you can travel without leaving your home or even getting up from your couch? Modern online resources offer such an opportunity!

  • Thanks to technology, you can travel the world without getting up off the couch. You can walk around the most interesting places on the planet: to a height of 8000 meters, to the depths of the oceans, to secret world objects. As a time machine using webcams, we will move back many centuries or look into the near future. Click on the headers. and let's go.

Put in order in social networks

Finally, you had time for what you had wanted to do for so long: it’s time to put in order social networks, getting rid of unnecessary and unused accounts, and also take care of the cybersecurity of your pages.

  • If you decide to delete your accounts in popular social networks, it does not take much time - you just need to know where to click. That's how forever delete your page in Odnoklassniki, as well as in a social network popular among the Russian-speaking population VK.
  • Most Internet users rarely think about deleting an account on sites that they no longer need. Usually, people simply stop using the service, and the completed profile with personal information remains gathering dust on the server in anticipation of a hack. We’ll tell you from accounts in which services and social networks better get rid.
  • If you do not configure Google Maps properly, it will automatically keep a detailed log of all your movements, wherever you go, regardless of whether you are walking, traveling or flying anywhere in the world. Everything is recorded in great detail, down to the minute, and can show where you were at any given time. Find out, how to automatically delete this information.
  • How to use Facebook privacy settings? Who tracks your actions on social networks and why? Michael Fertik, a professor at Harvard Law School, answered the most popular questions about cybersecurity. Here 7 things to knowto protect yourself on social networks.

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Have fun and try something new.

When else to do something not very necessary, but very interesting, if not during quarantine? However, who knows, perhaps some of the new skills learned will come in handy for a long time.

  • There are search engines that are really better than the market leaders - for example, compared to Google. We have prepared for you a selection of 8 search engines you might like you and become in demand, leaving behind popular services. And it’s not about Yandex or Bing at all.
  • Google Maps turned 15 in February, and many of the more than 1 billion people who use the Google app every month around the world do more than just navigate it. Most likely you are among them. Here 15 Google Tips about what you can or will be able to do in Google Maps - try it, it's interesting and informative!
  • Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine in the world, but on the main page of this service there are many secrets that few know about. Here you can toss a coin, play games or make letters on the screen crumble. pay attention to 10 secrets and tricks of Googlethat you didn’t know about and which you should definitely test.

Prepare for the U.S. election by learning more

  • The US election process is in full swing, and all the attention of American voters is already riveted to potential candidates. The election of the American president is a long and complicated process, and few can boast that he understands all his intricacies. ForumDaily invites its readers to test their knowledge of American politics and pass our exciting test.
  • If our test showed that you have something to learn, then we have decomposed the entire election process on the shelves so that Russian-speaking citizens of the United States can also make an informed choice. How the US president is elected: a simple explanation of a complex electoral system - in ForumDaily.
  • Federal laws in America apply throughout the country, in every state and city. Congress and the president play an important role in drafting and enforcing these laws, but they are not alone. We tell how the federal authorities work in the USA and field management.
  • Learn how to register for a vote and determine the timing of voter registration in your state, the official website of the US government offers. We have put together the most important recommendations for you: here step-by-step instruction for your registration to vote in the election.

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