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The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.
Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Quarantine and documents: how to remotely solve bureaucratic issues in Russia and the USA

Foreign citizens living in the USA often encounter problems that arose in their country of origin, where they lived before, or the place of residence of their wives, brides, children ... In the modern world, everything is closely interconnected. And even now, when the world has stopped waiting for the end of the apocalypse called “coronavirus”, they continue to send me a steady stream of questions about how, while in America, to resolve issues in Russia and vice versa. Many bureaucratic problems can indeed be solved remotely, even in conditions of closed borders and canceled flights.

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What can be done remotely

  1. To issue a power of attorney

Almost any actions in the Russian Federation, however, as in Ukraine and other states of the former USSR, can be performed by proxy.

“Almost,” because some actions still require a personal presence. For example, you cannot obtain a passport by proxy, obtain citizenship, register at the place of residence, undergo a medical examination for a temporary residence permit (temporary residence permit), marry, or die.

And yet the list of actions that can be done by proxy is much wider. Among them are the execution of any transactions, obtaining any documents, participation in court and much more.

The power of attorney must be drawn up in accordance with the requirements established by Russian law, i.e. the text of the power of attorney must be compiled by a Russian lawyer Karina Duval), or you must be given the text of the power of attorney from Russia. After that, the document is notarized in the USA by any notary (many of them continue to work even in a pandemic), and an apostille is placed on the notarized power of attorney.

Many people use a power of attorney in this form, but I recommend taking one more step that will make this document 100% legitimate and help avoid problems in Russia. A power of attorney with an apostille must be notarized into Russian, and the translation must be notarized, and the translation itself and notarization must be performed on the territory of the Russian Federation. I often hear objections: they say, the power of attorney is already in Russian - there is nothing to translate. But that's not true. The notary's certification inscription, his signature, seal and the apostille itself are made in English. Therefore, in all cases, except for certification of a power of attorney at the Russian consulate, a notarized translation into Russian is required. In this form, the power of attorney can be used for the purposes for which it was issued.

  1. Statements

Not all actions in Russia can be performed by proxy. But not every action that cannot be performed by proxy requires personal participation. For example, it is impossible to withdraw from the registration account by proxy, but by personal application it is possible. The main task is to ensure that this application is correctly drafted, notarized, apostilled, translated into Russian on the territory of the Russian Federation with subsequent notarization and filed in a timely manner. Such a statement cannot be drawn up for future use because it has a limited duration.

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  1. Receiving documents from registry offices

Any documents from the registry office can be obtained by proxy. These documents include repeated certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, certificate form 6 that the marriage was registered and subsequently terminated, a certificate of change of name. By proxy, you can register a divorce and obtain an initial certificate of divorce.

What cannot be done by proxy is to get an initial marriage certificate. The initial certificate of marriage is issued at the time of state registration of marriage, which requires the personal and direct participation of both spouses. Marriage registration can never, under any circumstances, be carried out in absentia or with the participation of only one of the spouses.

If by hook or by crook you managed to register a marriage without personal participation, such a marriage is void, and it will never be recognized by the US authorities. I know of cases when such fraud surfaced after 20 years of family life, nullifying all immigration privileges received through marriage, and giving rise to the inability to change the immigration status of a wife or husband through marriage, to divide property upon divorce, to inherit, etc. Old sins have long shadows.

Services that may be needed for remote paperwork

Notarial certification

With a Notary License in the State of New York, I can draw up and notarize documents for future use in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR, as well as certify any types of documents for use in the United States.


Turning to the our company, you can put an apostille on any official documents issued by the competent authorities of any state of America and any region of Russia.

Translation of official documents

Our office prepares notarized translations from Russian and Ukrainian into English and vice versa. Even during a pandemic, you can request an urgent translation of any official documents.

Karina Duval, a lawyer licensed in the United States as a foreign consultant, with more than 20 years of experience. Photo courtesy of Karina Duval.

What can be done only personally

With a large list of bureaucratic issues that can be closed remotely, there is one important procedure for immigrants, which requires exclusively personal participation.

Obtaining a Russian or Ukrainian passport requires the personal participation of the recipient. Citizens of Russia living in the United States often come up with offers to obtain a passport without a personal presence, but the use of such services that are illegal can then come out sideways. The passport obtained in an illegal way will cause many problems in the future (up to the possible initiation of a criminal case).

Passport issues are always resolved personally. If we are talking about a foreign passport, then you can get it by contacting the Russian consulate in the United States. It is necessary to make an appointment in advance at the consulate, collect the necessary documents, fill out the appropriate forms and pay the consular fee. A personal statement must be attached to the package of documents with a request to send the finished passport by mail to your address in the United States, adding a prepaid envelope to the package of documents. In two months you will receive a ready-made passport, which will be completely legal and will not cause questions even after ten years.

If it became necessary to obtain an internal passport (upon reaching the age of 20 or 45 years, or due to a change of surname), then to obtain it you will have to make a trip to Russia. The only way.

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For citizens of Ukraine, obtaining domestic and foreign passports is similar to Russian rules, the main difference is that the Ukrainian Consulate does not send passports to its citizens by mail. Therefore, it will be necessary to come in person to submit and receive a document, and there is no way to avoid a second visit to the consulate.

Documents that immigrants in the USA may need

  1. Legal Opinions for Political Asylum

Having a license of a Russian lawyer in the USA (foreign legal consultant), I give clients opinions on various issues, including the situation in their home country for immigration purposes.

  1. Expert opinions for the Immigration Service (USCIS) on the legitimacy of Russian and Ukrainian marriages and divorces

Having a license of a Russian lawyer in the USA, I often have to give opinions to the USCIS on the legitimacy of marriages and divorces in Russia, on custody of children, and so on. Due to the similarity of the laws of the countries of the former USSR, citizens (or former citizens) of Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and others also turn to me with similar questions. My findings help immigrants or their children obtain new immigration status, obtain US citizenship without the consent of a biological father, and much more.

  1. Expert opinions for American ships

Often, American lawyers and judges face problems interpreting Russian law. As a Russian lawyer licensed in the USA, I give professional opinions explaining the provisions of Russian laws and the content of Russian judicial acts. This is very important in divorce proceedings and disputes about custody of children between citizens of Russia and the United States. As a lawyer since 1999, I have extensive judicial experience and will be happy to help in solving any judicial problems in the Russian Federation, as well as provide professional advice on Russian legislation (such consultation is available in online).

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