A Canadian company has made a humanoid robot: it is so smart and functional that it's even a little scary - ForumDaily
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A Canadian company has made a humanoid robot: it's so smart and functional that it's even a little scary

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based firm has just unveiled the Phoenix, its own design. The bipedal robot, 1,70 m tall and weighing 70 kg, is capable of lifting a payload of up to 25 kg and moving at speeds of up to 4,8 km per hour. TechCrunch.

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The robot is equipped with complex arms with 20 degrees of freedom "that rival human dexterity and subtle manipulation with patented tactile technology that mimics the sense of touch."

Back in March, the company announced that it had put the Phoenix predecessor to work at a Mark's retail store outside of its hometown of Vancouver. This was a limited pilot project in which the fifth generation system completed "110 retail-related tasks, including on-store activities such as picking and packing goods, cleaning, labeling, stacking, and others."

Another key aspect of such humanoid robots is the "general purpose" bit. In some ways, building a system that can hypothetically do what its human counterparts in the workplace can do is more of a challenge than building the hardware itself.

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“We designed Phoenix to be the most versatile sensor and physically capable humanoid ever created, and to enable Carbon's rapidly growing intelligence to perform the widest range of workloads possible,” says co-founder and CEO Geordie Rose. “We see a future in which general-purpose robots are as common as cars, helping people do the work that needs to be done when there simply aren’t enough people to do the job.”

“To be versatile, a robot must be able to perform virtually any work task as you would expect a human to do it, in the environment where the work is being done,” adds Rose. “While it’s easy to get caught up in the physical aspects of a robot, we believe the robot is simply a tool for the real star of the show, which in our case is our proprietary AI control system based on a living mind.”

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Last March, Sanctuary announced Series A, which is worth just under $60 million. Eight months later, it was revealed that the Government of Canada had invested $30 million, bringing the total funding to over $100 million.

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