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Canada for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic opened the border for Americans: conditions of visit

American tourists can now visit Canada for the first time since the pandemic. Canada has opened its borders to fully vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents. Writes about it USA Today.

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“We've all been looking forward to this day,” said Asavari Kaur from Indiana.

Many Canadian business owners welcome vaccinated American visitors.

“Let's get started,” said Joel Villanueva, owner of Primo Mexican Grill in White Rock, British Columbia. “Many of our clients are from the United States, and we are literally minutes from the border. We welcome Americans and, in fact, depend on them. "

Can you visit Canada now

Although the borders with Canada have reopened, Americans cannot just get into a car or plane. Travelers will be required to provide proof of vaccination and other travel details to the Government of Canada's ArriveCAN platform at least 72 hours prior to arrival in the country, whether traveling by ground or air.

Donna Dirkoski, from Jersey City, New Jersey, learned the hard way after she and her friends waited an hour at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, New York. The Canadian Border Patrol refused because they did not know to upload all of their information.

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“We tried to do everything right,” Dirkoski said. They were given a piece of paper and told to return the same way they had entered.

“We were at a loss,” she said. “We didn’t understand that they weren’t letting us in.”

Waiting times to enter Canada vary greatly depending on location. As of Monday 9 August, there were no delays at the entrance to Cornwall near Rooseveltown, New York, and at the Douglas Peace Arch near Blaine, Washington. However, the wait lasted two hours at St Stephen's Bridge near Calais, Maine and seven hours at Fort Francis Bridge near International Falls, Minnesota. Travelers can check the latest waiting times by going to link.

What you need to travel to Canada

Most Americans will need to be fully vaccinated to visit Canada, with the last vaccination at least 14 days prior to entering the country.

Unvaccinated children under 12 years of age or who are mentally or physically dependent may enter Canada with a fully vaccinated parent or guardian who is eligible to enter.

People with medical conditions that prevent them from being fully vaccinated may be eligible for simplified quarantine and testing requirements, but must comply with the quarantine.

Vaccinated travelers do not need to be quarantined unless they show symptoms of COVID-19. However, all visitors must prepare quarantine plans.

Regardless of vaccination status, everyone will also need to submit negative COVID-19 test results and upload all their travel information to the ArriveCAN platform.

Travelers are advised to keep their test results, proof of vaccination, and a list of close contacts and places visited on hand.

Do Americans need a passport to travel to Canada

US travelers need a valid passport to visit Canada. However, a tourist visa is not required for stays of up to 180 days.

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Over the past few months, travelers have flooded the passport offices with applications. This demand has pushed wait times to 12-18 weeks, according to the State Department.

The State Department has advised Americans to "reconsider travel" to Canada, as to many other countries, due to the ongoing pandemic.

When can Canadians visit the United States

It is not yet clear when the US will reopen to Canadian tourists. Last month, the US extended travel restrictions for non-essential travel from Canada and Mexico until August 21 amid rising COVID-19 cases across the country. The US borders were closed for the first time in March 2020, and the restrictions have been extended monthly since then.

On Monday August 9, President and CEO of the US Travel Association Roger Doe urged the administration of US President Joe Biden to open the US border to Canadian travelers "without further delay."

"Canada is the largest source of America's international travel market, accounting for 2019 percent of all inbound traffic in 26," the statement said.

“Reopening the US land border to fully vaccinated Canadians will be a good starting point for rebuilding our own travel economy, and the Biden administration must reciprocate this political decision,” he added.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “Any decisions to reopen travel will be made by our public health and medical experts. I would not see it as a mutual intention. "

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