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Restroom cameras: stewardess sues Southwest Airlines

The stewardess saw that in the cockpit of the aircraft there is a live broadcast of video from the toilet of the aircraft. Now she has sued Southwest Airlines. Writes about it Fox Business.

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According to the lawsuit, when Rene Steinaker was on a flight from Phoenix (Arizona) to Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Captain Terry Graham asked her to stay in the cockpit while he was going to the toilet (according to the rules, at least 2 people should be in the cockpit).

When Graham went to the toilet, Steinaker saw that the iPad, installed on the control panel, showed a live broadcast from the toilet.

Co-pilot Ryan Russell panicked when she asked about the camera, and said that it was part of the new top-secret security measures taken by the airline.

Not believing her colleague, Steinaker photographed the iPad with her mobile phone. And despite the fact that the company was notified of the violations of these pilots, they still work and fly in the usual manner.

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After filing a lawsuit against the company, Steinaker and her husband, also a flight attendant, claimed that they had begun to be harassed and threatened, as well as conducted a series of proficiency checks.

Southwest Airlines said that they did not install any cameras in the toilets.

“The safety and security of our employees and customers is Southwest Airlines' uncompromising priority,” the airline said. “We currently have no other comments regarding the upcoming trial.”

Pilots' lawyers have not yet responded to requests for comment, although court documents show they deny the allegations.

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