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California is losing people, but Florida is gaining: where Americans moved from and to in 2023

Working from home and the desire for more affordable living have led to significant changes in migration patterns in the United States. In 2023, some states significantly increased their population, while others lost people, reports FoxNews.

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The South, the nation's most populous region, is the only region that has maintained population growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The growth is mainly due to migration: 706 people were added due to net internal migration. 266 were added due to international migration.

The West's population also grew in 2023, with 137 people added that year. However, the North East's population continued to decline this year, with a net loss of 299 people. It's worth noting that this number is much lower than the North East's massive population loss in 43 - a decline of 330 people.

California has lost people

Overall, 2022 states and the District of Columbia saw their populations increase in 42. However, some states saw significantly higher increases than others.

“Migration to the U.S. is returning to pre-pandemic levels, and declining deaths are fueling growth,” said Christy Wilder, a demographer in the Census Bureau's population division. “Although the birth rate has decreased, the death rate has also decreased by almost 9%. Ultimately, fewer deaths combined with a rebound in immigration meant the country saw its largest population increase since 2018.”

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California was the largest state to lose people in 2023, with the state losing 75 people.

According to a report from California's non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) released in early December, the state's budget deficit has grown exponentially in just a few months. It increased by more than $54 billion from $14,3 billion in June.

California suffered its first-ever largest population decline in state history in 2020 as the state imposed severe restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. From January 2020 to July 2022, the state lost more than half a million people, with residents leaving more than incoming residents by nearly 700.

Other states also declined in 2023: Hawaii (-4261), Illinois (-32826), Louisiana (-14274), New York (-101984), Oregon (-6021), Pennsylvania (-10408) and West Virginia ( -3964).

Why do people move

Earlier this year, VonFinch Capital founder and real estate investor Steven Pesavento said employees realized during the pandemic that they no longer needed to live in the cities where they worked. They took advantage of new opportunities for flexible living.

Many northeastern states, especially those with liberal governments, are seeing population decline as Americans seek better housing prices and taxes, he said.

“It opened up an opportunity for them to get away from the high cost of living, oppressive civic and business policies, high taxes and all the things they were willing to give up,” Pesavento said.

Across all generations, four reasons were identified why Americans decided to move in 2023: having more affordable housing or a lower cost of living, moving to a safer area, moving to a new job, being closer to friends and family, and living in an area more consistent with their beliefs.

Texas and Florida win

Notably, 11 states that saw population decline in 2022 are now experiencing population growth. These are New Jersey (30), Ohio (024), Minnesota (26), Massachusetts (238), Maryland (23), Michigan (615), Kansas (18), Rhode Island (659 16), New Mexico (272). , Mississippi (3) and Alaska (980).

Two states in particular, Texas and Florida, experienced dramatic population growth that was much higher than other states in the country.
Texas had the largest population gain in the country, adding 473 people, followed by Florida, which added 453 residents. South Carolina and Florida were the two fastest-growing states in the country, with increases of 365% and 205%, respectively.

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