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California Disneyland celebrates 60 anniversary

Celebrations of the 60 anniversary of Disneyland California opened with a concert that will last 24 hours.

Exactly at local time in 6.00, bright costumed parades started, which are a journey through six decades of existence of this theme park of The Walt Disney Company.

In the afternoon, the show will be World of Color, which has been prepared for two years. The show includes several parades, demonstration of film fragments, performances of numerous music and dance groups. It culminates in the dark when the anniversary fireworks will be given. Celebrations will last until the morning of Saturday.

The amusement park, called Disneyland, was conceived and created by the famous American cartoonist and producer Walt Disney. It opened in the summer of 1955 in the Californian city of Anaheim, 45 kilometers south of Los Angeles.

Very quickly, Disneyland, which since 1998 has been officially called Disneyland Park, has become a world tourist center. This was largely possible thanks to the success of The Walt Disney Company's films. At Disneyland, movie characters can be seen in the flesh. However, among the numerous characters, the leadership has been held by the legendary Mickey Mouse, created by Disney in 1928, for six decades. It was he who opened the gala concert.

Jubilee celebrations will last at Disneyland for exactly one year, so that everyone can visit them.


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