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What salaries do cops get in different states of the USA

America is redefining to a large extent how it finances its police. Last weekend, the Minneapolis City Council voted to liquidate the existing police department in order to invest in a new model of public safety and emergency response. Many large cities are in the process of cutting police budgets and redirecting resources to other services, writes GoBankingRates.

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All of these issues have brought renewed attention to police budgets - including where and how money is spent, and what kind of return it may or may not provide to society. As a result, the salaries of the police also ended up under a kind of microscope.

A closer look at police pay in major American cities suggests that overblown police budgets are hardly caused by excessive salaries. In fact, only a few large metropolitan police departments in the city offer an average salary that is higher than the national average, indicating that while police departments can receive too much money, ordinary employees probably do not.

Here are some examples from full rating US Police Salaries by State / Region:

Miami Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach, Florida (31 of 50)

  • Population: 6 070 944 people
  • Median annual salary: $ 71
  • Average annual salary: $ 71 400

Philadelphia Camden Wilmington, PA (35 out of 50)

  • Population: 6 069 448 people
  • Median annual salary: $ 73
  • Average annual salary: $ 74 010

Portland Vancouver Hillsboro, Oregon (43rd out of 50)

  • Population: 2 417 931 people
  • Median annual salary: $ 80
  • Average annual salary: $ 80 340

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New York-Newark-Jersey City, New York (46 place out of 50)

  • Population: 19 990 592
  • Median annual salary: $ 88
  • Average annual salary: $ 83 040

New York-Newark-Jersey City, New Jersey (47 place out of 50)

  • Population: 19 990 592
  • Median annual salary: $ 88
  • Average annual salary: $ 83 040

Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, Illinois (48 of 50)

  • Population: 9 536 428 people
  • Median annual salary: $ 88
  • Average annual salary: $ 82 170

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Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, California (50 of 50)

  • Population: 13 262 234 people
  • Median annual salary: $ 113
  • Average annual salary: $ 108 420

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